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  • Jeremy's Case Analysis

    Jeremy my one and only love, As honey bunches of oaks say, “Give your bunch more choices”, every time I see that word, my Jeremy Glare comes over my face…... Heathers is placing jobs on Facebook, my uncle has suggested I apply here and there in Berea. Let me make it crystal clear for you Jeremy, we both know who I am going to work with Love and Marry, no choice involved. Why? We are becoming a Kruger Pretzel. Because we have both waited years for it to happen. What was that??? Yes, YEARS.…

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  • A Review Of The Danish Girl Argumentative Essay

    of Kev is supposed to be funny. This is a full blown drama show but they want to call it a comedy as well, haha. Eh, I don 't know. On this YouTube page Domo and Crissy, the girl Domo told a story on how this girl 's vagina was dirty and rank as fuck when she gave her head...so I can only imagine the mouthful both her and Ian got. All the crevices having nasty ass gunk in it, ugh. Dumb motherfucker not wearing a condom, I wouldn 't be surprised if some day they brought her back saying she 's…

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  • Social Commentary Catcher In The Rye

    The Catcher in the Rye is a social commentary that criticizes the superficialness of adulthood, through the eyes of the rebellious protagonist: Holden Caulfield. Holden is an academic failure who flunked out of his preparatory school, Pencey Prep, for failing grades in all of his courses except English. Holden then continues his life, traveling around, criticizing the world around him in a cynical tone, attacking the “phoniness” and unbearable corruption of the adult world. As a result of his…

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  • Fuck The Police Analysis

    words. Ice cube begins the first line with “Fuck the police! Comin' straight from the underground;” this line by itself plays an important role in the song. Not only is it the title of the rap song, but it is also the first time any music artist is so explicit in a record. Before “Fuck da Police” was released many rap artists mentioned expletives, drugs, and discrimination in their music, however not in the same way N.W.A managed to do. The line “Fuck da police!” directly attacked police and…

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  • Books Should Not Be Banned Catcher In The Rye

    Censorship Books teach us about life, morals, and the values we need to have to live a good life. Censors have been trying to ban books since 387 BC. Books are typically banned for use of inappropriate language and content. Many libraries and schools have banned this book from being placed in the libraries and for students to read this book. Many people had felt that Catcher in the Rye was “dangerous” because it had violence, sexual content, and vulgarity. A lot of books have good life lessons…

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  • Effect Of Noise Pollution On The Tragedy Of The Commons

    do you think noise pollution demonstrates the tragedy of the commons? Now, I’m a nitpicking jerkass, so I’m going to tear apart everything he said. “I believe that noise pollution can cause a noise tragedy” What? Cause a noise tragedy? What the fuck? Is that even English? “9 times out of 10, most of the noises you hear can be quite annoying to others.” Ninety percent of the noises everyone hears are annoying to other people? Does everyone have Tourette’s Syndrome in your world? And, well to…

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  • Short Story : ' Wake Up ! '

    Lucas to open his eyes, and when he does, there is the dim shape of his once-brother kneeling beside him. Lucas closes his eyes again briefly, reaching upwards with stiff limbs to press the frozen heels of his palms into his eye sockets. “Thank fuck, you unconscionable bastard,” muttered Reg, leaning back on his heels, and when Lucas re-opens his eyes, he sees Reg running a hand down his haggard face. “I didn’t know you cared,” said Lucas, his voice little more than a rasp. “It’s…

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  • Nicotine Monologue

    globe. We are all fucking snowmen in this winter-wonderland. Well, most of us, not me though. No, I refuse to follow the ways of these morons around me, who just go on with life as if nothing were wrong. Not giving a shit about anyone but themselves. Fuck people. Some moron, right now, is bitching about how his coffee being just a little too hot, while most of the world can’t even afford water. I’d kill them all, all the rude-ass people of this world, if I could. Well – I can,…

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  • Curbside Prophet: A Short Story

    shrugged. “Stop when you see the dog,” he stated as logically as he had just solved a complex calculus problem in pen. I slammed on the brakes, let go of the wheel, and turned so I was looking straight at him. “The dog.” He nodded. “The dog is way the fuck back there!!” I screamed like a spoiled child, one hand pointing towards the back of the car for…

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  • Anti-Sjw's Arguments Against Feminism

    any other kind of people who go out of their way just to make themselves look like victims. If you haven’t realized by the title of this video and by what I have said so far in this video, I am an anti-SJW, an anti-feminist, and an anti-whatever the fuck. In all honesty, social justice warriors are the worst kind of people, so are feminists and all other groups like them. Those kinds of people have logic that is flawed and they are just as bad or even worse than these ‘oppressors’ they…

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