Book Report On The Book ' The Crucible '

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“What do you mean nobody knows where he’s at?” I asked the MC.
They had called a meeting and wanted to talk to me about Hunter.
Lucifer the President leaned back in his chair, “What we mean is after that weekend he sold the house for cash. Apparently his real name isn’t Hunter Hastings, we’ve searched for him high and low, no computer database has him either. Even the college can’t help us, they did help as much as they could by letting access their system.”
I rubbed my forehead, it had been months since the last time I had heard from him. “I could try calling him!” It sounded like a good in a way.
“Are you fucking serious?” Ryder shouted.
Cade pulled him down by his shoulder, “I don’t advice you to do that.”
“Couldn’t you track his phone or something? I mean he’s real I promise!”
Lucifer leaned forward, “Here’s what we are going to do. If he’s left you alone for this long I think he’s found somebody else to occupy his time. The school has the tightest security possible now. You’ve taken self-defense classes too. We aren’t stopping our search for him for now we need to let him think he’s got the upper hand.”
“That doesn’t set well with me.” My dad yelled.
Lucifer looked at him, “We will find him and you know it. I can guarantee you the Devil Riders will be keeping a very close watch out for him should he start coming around again. She has BigJ’s personal cell. If she spots him they’ll be there within minutes.”
The rest of the school year went by without

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