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  • Out Of Control Kite: A Short Story

    uniform and toting AK 47’s down to their side. They stormed the house and kicked in the door. “Yo, X, you were correct. They are from the frigging Death Brigade!” “Big O, those motherfuckers do not play bannas! If the catch us, we’re dead as fuck!” “Shut the fuck up! We won’t get caught.” They got down on their bellies and crawled like alligators even closer toward the cottage for a close up of what is about to go…

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  • Speech About Racism Research Paper

    Today I saw one of the most hateful racist and ignorant post by people who I thought were the future, our generations Americans. Today, I am disgusted because I cannot believe I went to school with half of you. I shared a part of my life with half of you, I mean I can say we had conversations, we went to school together and I would have thought of all of you as people who make mistakes, learn and grow from them would actually take the time to think before you say something so hurtful and…

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  • WTF Sodomy: A Short Story

    America. I detested them with a rage because they always tormented me in class. When the schoolteacher wasn’t watching they’d toss pencils, erasers and spit wads at my cranium. They exhibited the goofiest faces when I turned around and told them to fuck their moms.”…

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  • Short Story: Wanted: Matt Kennamer-Attempted Murder

    Murder”. I clicked the link and his old mug shot appeared on the screen. It was him alright - a picture from a previous arrest for a D.U.I., his face swollen - the eyes bloodshot. A shit eating grin that said ‘I’ve been here before and I’ll do it again. Fuck you, these walls won’t hold me.’ He’d bailed out receiving a fine and substance abuse classes. This time was different. Attempted murder put you in a new class of criminal. He was on the run and I knew where he was headed. I called around…

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  • Blogging Conventional Ideas

    social media are challenging conventional ideas about news. Intro: What are the conventional ideas? Who believes in these ideas? Is there someone who disagrees with the good effects of social media in relation of news spreading? Yes, and they are wrong. Fuck you, John Symes, you could have at least given me some sources of your wrong ideas. In this essay I’m going to talk about why I hate you: The shift in the relationship between journalists and their audience is the most clear indication of a…

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  • A Pop Pimples: A Short Story

    If you’re squeamish, turn back. This isn’t a good place for you to be. If not, well, it’s possible that I’m going to change that. So listen up and listen quickly. It’ll be over before you know it. I used to love popping zits. There were days where all I could do was stand in front of my bathroom mirror and pop what pimples dared to show on my skin. The problem was, as far as my face goes, I have almost none there. But when it came to my body, there were quite a few problem areas I could attack.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Color That Changed My Life

    My life is devoid of color I think to myself as I shuffle down the crowded streets of New Jersey. I've been living 8 years as a teenager and what have I done that could be on a tv show or in the newspaper. Hell the people on modern family are more exciting than me. I'm only suffocating myself thinking about this but I can't help it. I need something, but I can't put my finger on it. The more I think about this the more bland what I see seems. Every building in this city is brown or gray. Every…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Lance's Life

    It gets to be too much for Lance around the same time Keith is pretty much considering throwing himself out of an airlock. He's sitting in the control room, totally alone, at the Altean equivalent of four in morning when Lance finds him. He'd been tracing constellations absent-mindedly into the crystalline tiles beneath his fingertips, all eighty-eight of them, and he's just about to connect the last star of the Pleiades sleepily with grazed, stained-glass knuckles when the screech echoes…

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  • Descriptive Essay About The Party

    It was around nine at night and I was preparing for the party. By prepare, I mean utterly destroy my hair with an ample amount of hairspray. I wore jeans that weren 't too tight or too baggy and a decent red/black plaid shirt. If my mom has taught me anything, it 's definitely fashion and style. The goal is to completely alter your appearance, to the point where you barely even recognize yourself. Since my hair was awful, as usual, I decided to wear a beanie. Suddenly, I heard a honk from…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Date

    foot stuck up their arse twenty-four seven.’ I said in rage. ‘They are better than your family who are bunch of sadist and chauvinistic pigs! Always drunk and on the dole. You better be careful Ben because in five years you’ll be just like those lazy fucks. Hell, you’re showing signs of it now: coming to work hungover, sleeping on the job, not doing any work and lack of interest in anything regarding work. But oh wait, who has to pick up all the pieces? ME! You complain about how I don’t pay you…

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