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  • Old Boys Old Girls Analysis

    Jazmin. Navarro Proffers Mitchel Jackson Will Caesar return to a life of crime? Will Ceasar return to a life of crime? In “Old Boys, Old Girls” written by Edward P. Jones tells the story of Caesar Matthews. A convicted Murderer Who is force to do time at Lorton Institution. With an already made reputation and linking up with two of the most Notorious convicts, Caesar is urge to maintain his “humanity” In a series of events, before he is…

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  • Obscene America Ginsberg Howl Analysis

    Obscene America: An Analyzation of Howl In 1955, beat writer Allen Ginsberg produced a free-verse poem titled Howl. Ginsberg’s Howl is a poem that embodies the conditions of America, specifically how Ginsberg viewed them to be. Being a beat writer, Ginsberg was completely aware of the unjust and superficial ideals America was projecting. Not only, but Ginsberg’s poem was completely uncensored, real, and raw while addressing these issues. For instance, his poem was so uncensored, real, and raw…

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  • Rochester University

    the thing that attracted me the most is that this school had a “home away from home” ambiance that I felt. I am happy to say this feeling wasn’t just imaginary; I deeply feel University of Rochester as a home from me. This is giant sentence, holy fuck. Pick the three most important things from this list to you. There are these gut feelings that you get that makes you know "Oh, something 's wrong here" or "I have a good feeling about this" and that was definitely the case for me with UR. I don’t…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Illegal Immigrants

    What if the world was color blind? All over the world there is discrimination, but in this time in age, it’s at an all time high. The biggest issue in the United States right now is immigration and what to do with the millions of people that have come into the country and build a life here illegally. Not only is deportation an issue but also the hate crime against immigrants and some of them don’t even report the crime from fear of being deported and sent back to their home land. These…

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  • One Hundred Live And Die Analysis

    Bruce Nauman’s One Hundred Live and Die, 1984, is an intricate piece combining the world of high art and the low art of advertisement using word play. It is a work containing one hundred words, fifty with “live” following them and fifty with “die,” in neon lights that light up individually, in rows, and then all together, creating visual patterns. The word combinations include actions, emotions, and colors. One Hundred Live and Die uses the game of language to leave the meaning of the work open…

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  • Gender Expectations For Men And Women's Role In Society

    Gender role refers to society’s concept of certain behaviors and expectations that men and women encounter from an early age and must fulfill these expectations of gender roles in order to fit in with the rest of the society. Today, women’s roles in society are more lenient than in the past. After many years of struggle to acquire equality women are now capable of doing jobs that was made for men and have the ability to accomplish whatever comes to mind. Unfortunately the society still believes…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Alice In Chains

    An Alice in Chains shirt, ripped up high waisted short, black tights, and a flannel wrapped around my waist. Me, Gina, Carly, and Vanessa are on our way to our first Nirvana concert. We all load up in my Ford Thunderbird and were on the way for our mini 3 hour road trip to Chicago from Rockford. The car is filled with Nirvana, Weezer, Radiohead, and Alice in Chains. ¨Any one want a smoke?¨ Nessa offers. Carly declines and I reach into the back and she hands me one. ¨Are you sure it's ok to smoke…

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  • Analysis Of How To Pimp A Butterfly, By Kendrick Lamar

    with the recurring statement that ‘every nigger is a star’. This is a response to the marginalisation of black lives, which hints at the overall perspective of the album: that ‘blackness is power’. This notion is also suggested by the song title ‘Fuck Your Ethnicity’ from Section80, yet this title points towards ideas of equality rather than focusing on the struggles of the black lives. However, it is Pimp a Butterfly’s ‘Blacker the Berry’ which expresses Lamar’s perspective on racial tensions…

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  • Racial Inequality

    interview, Ronny left the interviewer without giving a handshake and is asked why he did so. Ronny said, “‘Because it was a white lady. You not supposed to shake a white lady’s hand. They be scared of a nigga. They think I’ma try to take their shit or fuck ’em. I just said thanks…

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  • Reflection Paper On How Music Changed My Life

    Reflective essay Music - 5 letters which changed my life over the past 3 years more than anything ever has. I’ve changed my career plans so drastically that I’ve decided to throw away the dream of becoming a scientist or an engineer to try and focus on creating music and try do it full time. I’ve got a real passion for music. I’ve first started when I was 12 when I first walked into the music classroom. It was the first week of second year and I’ve never been so excited to be in school as that…

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