I Was In Hell Short Story

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I was in hell. Try outs were a pain in the ass. I had never ever been through so much in one day. I loved basketball so much, I just love it. We warmed up and introduced ourselves to each other. Then the pain began, we started with the basic drills that everyone should know. We did lay ups, passes, and then we ran! Running will always be a natural thing, but me a person who hates running? I rather get a burn then have to run, but it’s part of the game. There was about 20 of us trying out. Our basketball court was pretty small for high school. We all get on the line, and she says, “you have 22 seconds to run to the line and back. When you come back to where you started it’s one. So you’re going to do this twice, so get ready.” When you make the team it will …show more content…
It wouldn’t always be at the best of times. During games I noticed that Grace didn’t run up the ball. There isn’t a back court time limit for the girls, but still the game was always fast. There were little things like that and we would get an ear full because of it. There was a game where we played really bad, but won. Grace would bring up the ball then right as she places half court she just passes the ball. Sometimes she would even get trapped and have nowhere to go. She on the side line with a two girl trap, and she is swinging the ball up trying to protect the ball. The bigger stronger girls blocking tiny little Asian Grace, and then she steps out of balance while trying to throw in the ball. We ran back for no reason and fought for our place on the court. Not only did we lose the ball, we lost a chance to score. Anyssa and I were working our butts off getting rebounds and making shots. We would talk about who would be on top and who would be at the bottom. I was usually on the free-throw waiting to get the ball. I would move in sync with the ball, whenever it was passed. would be thrown on, following it out of habit.

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