Personal Narrative-Fairytale Signs

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“Hey, Mr. Atkins!” Rick heard Peter call out to him again, but before the boy could hurl another insult Ricks way, Rick shouted out to him and Kyle, “Peter! Kyle! I’m glad you’re back! Come here quick! I was just thinking about what you guys had said to me earlier and do you know what? I think you’re right. So, I’ve decide that it’s time to get the place cleaned up a bit, don’t you? Anyways, I was wondering if you boys would like my collection of old, skin magazines?” The boys just looked at each other in shock and awe. “Hell yeah, Mr. Atkins, we’ll take ‘em.” “Great, great, boys, they’re right over here.” Rick said to the boys sounding jubilant. “There are a lot of them so you might have to make two trips to get them all home.” “That’s no …show more content…
And, as the rap music sprang forth out of it, growing louder by the second, the disgusted look on Rick’s face grew exponentially along with it.
“Eh, yo, Rickyyy…” J-Dog said to Rick as he slinked out of the vehicle. Rick took to noticing the large gold chain and flashy rings he was wearing, right away. Not to mention the pathetic corn rows hidden under his do-rag. “What up, playa?” “Sup?” Rick nodded back at Jamie, but he didn’t catch Rick’s sarcastic undertones. “I’m glad you’re here, J-Dog.” Rick then said brandishing a wide smile. Because not only do I have your money, but I thought you’d also like a couple of genuine-fur coats I had stashed away up in the attack. I thought maybe you could use them in your rap video. You know, give it that straight-up pimpin’ look?” “Oh, word, dawg?” Jamie said with an upward inflection to his voice. “Yeah, lemme check those out.” “Sure, J-Dog,” Rick said with a smirk curling up from his lips. “They’re just over there behind that old washer and dryer next to the oak tree.” “Oh, Aw-ight, word.” responded

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