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  • Kindergarden: A Short Story

    “Why would you fuck her in the party. Please tell me this isn’t true.” “I’m sorry, babe. I made a mistake one time. Forgive me, you know I love you”, he replied, trying to put me in his arms. “Get the fuck out of here. I fucking hate you”, I screamed as I ran out of the school. My feet pounded against the cool, hard dirt. As I slowed down, I realized where…

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  • Personal Narrative: Spending The Whole Weekend With Shaun

    Today is the day I leave to spend the whole weekend with Shaun. Dan is still out of town at work, fucking everything that moves. My wonderful parents agreed to take all 4 of the kids for a weekend, things are going to be great. I am really excited, I mean just the little bit of time we have with one another is amazing, imagine a whole weekend. I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning eagerly waiting to open up my gifts. Shaun keeps e-mailing me making sure I am still game, asking me…

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  • Shrieking Shack: A Short Story

    “I have no fucking idea.” “Because it’s never been done before!” Louis says shrilly. “Just shut up and keep moving that table.” That table being the gigantic, impossibly heavy Slytherin table from the Great Hall. Honestly, Liam has no idea how the fuck they managed to not only break into the Great Hall, but also get the school’s front doors open (they were the only ones big enough to fit the table through) and the entire fucking table outside through it without getting caught. “Here is good,”…

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  • Carlos Rodriguez Speech

    t a white bag dumped some of the Snow white powder on his wrist and he snorts it he lets out a loud yell and yells “ GODDAMNIT, I FUCKING LOVE COCAINE” “Pedro was like Your buddy Luke, a little bitch, who couldn't fight for himself if he tried, that's why i had him killed” Carlos exclaims “ I'm gonna fucking kill you, you fucking piece of shit” I Yell “Don't get ahead of yourself, Think about all you have to lose, you have your Pa, Your little sister, I don’t think you want to see them get…

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  • Analysis Of Alex 's ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Everyone kept talking, pretending that nothing had transpired as they finished their food. Alex shook her amused at this person and saw Polly, giving Piper an incredulous look that silently asked how Piper could stand her. Alex chuckled because she was thinking the fucking same thing… how could Piper stand these people? She stood up to go to the bathroom and Piper followed her. They stand in the hallway waiting for the door to open and when Alex’s eyes latched to Piper, she could almost see the…

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  • Personal Narrative-Fairytale Signs

    “Hey, Mr. Atkins!” Rick heard Peter call out to him again, but before the boy could hurl another insult Ricks way, Rick shouted out to him and Kyle, “Peter! Kyle! I’m glad you’re back! Come here quick! I was just thinking about what you guys had said to me earlier and do you know what? I think you’re right. So, I’ve decide that it’s time to get the place cleaned up a bit, don’t you? Anyways, I was wondering if you boys would like my collection of old, skin magazines?” The boys just looked…

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  • Personal Narrative: Power Is Power

    tame it. Look at me. For no reason at all, I cheat on my wife with prostitutes. Then, I bust the prostitutes. Take their money. Their drugs. Sell it back to the pimps and pushers, blackmail for keeping them out of jail. Is that right? I don 't give a fuck. Power, kid. Why, if I wanted to, I could take you into a back alley and blow your brains out? But I won…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Prelude: Coming To Germany

    The Prelude Before I came to Germany, I yearned for a life of my own. I remember like yesterday the it was a late october 's Afternoon, I saw Charles waiting for me. He was smoking his clove cigerttee. It was so nice to see him after being apart for almost a month. I have been parted for must longer. Charles had taken me to lunch at a nice restaurant in Hamburg, which is my 2nd most favourite city in the world. First being Berlin once more I felt like a heavy burden being lifted from my soul.…

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  • Cupid Monologue

    Cupid?”.. lets look for Jeremy… “Cupid.. I have things to do”… yea Ben.. turning up the radio at this point…. Ben you are fucking free… the only thing you need or “HAVE” to do is find JEREMY KRUGER…..Find that sexy beast that you are going to marry and fuck the shit out of every day of the rest of YOUR LIFE!!!!.... you SEXY BITCHES!!!!”… he starts giggling uncontrolablly and holding his chubby belly... “cupid you are such a crazy slut!”.. BEN!! Ill SHOW YOU CRAZY… you sexy BITCH!!!”.. “cupid..…

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  • It's Cold: A Short Story

    What the fuck I mean by “It 's cold”? Well, you will know it soon. There are many times when me and my friends are playing around with each other. No, no, not the kind of playing around you thinking about. By playing around I mean we are always making jokes about each other and doing stupid but funny shit. One time my young brother decided to do a stupid shit to my friend, which basically ruined my friend’s rest of the day and maybe even today he might be embarrassed about what my brother did to…

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