Chapter Essay: The Kite

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Somewhere along the East Coast seawall in Georgetown, Guyana.
Prologue: Out of Control Kite
The rain had finally stopped and the crisp blue sky and strong ocean breeze was a perfect combination for Owen and Xavier to take their kite out for a test flight. These two teenagers had spent an enormous amount of time putting their red, yellow, and green patch-work kite together. Big O, as Owen’s friends would call him, placed the kite on his back and X, as Xavier is known as, grabbed the tail and the twine, and the boys darted out toward the seawall.
The wind was steady, so the kite took immediately to the sky. There were other kids from the village whom were taking advantage of the break in the weather to fly their kites as well. Their young voices
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“Yo, X, check this out!” Owen said in a lower tone of voice.
“What?” Xavier asked.
“Quite maan. There is that hummer we saw just now.” Owen said quietly.
“Yah, you are right. It is the same frigging truck maam!” Xavier whispered. “What is all about?” He added.
“I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out.” Owen said. “This shit can’t be good.” Owen added.
“Bannas, I think we should get the skunt out of here now.” Xavier said.
“Shut yo skunt up! Let’s go check it out.” The boys ignored the kite and turned their attention toward the old cottage and the black Hummer. As the moved closer toward the rear of the house, they noticed three armed men in black combat uniform and toting AK 47’s down to their side. They stormed the house and kicked in the door.
“Yo, X, you were correct. They are from the frigging Death Brigade!”
“Big O, those motherfuckers do not play bannas! If the catch us, we’re dead as fuck!”
“Shut the fuck up! We won’t get caught.”
They got down on their bellies and crawled like alligators even closer toward the cottage for a close up of what is about to go

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