Personal Narrative: Going With Friends: The Inexplicable Happened

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.Going with Friends: The Inexplicable Happened
Every high school student wants to skip class. It’s the most deceiving thing a student can do in high school. This is shown in the movies, that the person who skipped class is a bad ass. When my friend told me to skip I went with it since it wasn’t a new thing for us. I wasn’t very sure because I had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen that day.
We were in fourth-period journalism class we had second lunch, which started at 10:20. Therefore, we would go to class and be present for attendance, since the food wasn’t very good at school. Me, my friend Edward and Diana were talking about leaving class and going to the Michoacána. Edward told us “man fuck this gay ass school and its
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Miss Hicks which was one of the principles did not even think about and said “ok come with me then”. I was shitting bricks man I was so scared I did not need a $500 ticket.
As we got to her office she said “ ok guys so what do you all think I should do, should I be mean and give you 15 days of guidance center and a ticket or a week of ISS”, (In school suspension). I responded quickly with “no mam 1 week of ISS would be just fine”, she asked for all of our id’s and names, we all had good records except for Edward so she decided to give Diana and me just a week of ISS and well Edward was the one who got the ticket and the 15 of guidance center.
Things that usually happen when you don’t go with your feeling will most likely and always go bad because no matter what it is you inner self is always right. I learned to not be so insecure of my feeling and actually go by what I’m thinking if it seems like a bad situation and you feel like you can avoid it; go for it, don’t just go with the flow, because your friends are asking you. The first and only time I had to get caught to learn to just go with my

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