Personal Narrative: What Happened At The Party

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Alternative: No one talk about what happened at the party.
Stakeholder: Ourselves.
If we go forward with no one saying anything about what happened at the party, the only values and principles we would be upholding is our loyalty to Simon. I would keep his loyalty by not breaking his trust in myself, even if I can never trust him again. When I deicide not to say anything my trust in Simon was violated, if I got a bit drunk would he do that to me? This also made it so I couldn't feel like I could be safe being around him.
However, some of the outcomes of the values and principles we need to consider the short-term and long-term possibilities of what could happen. I was in shock over what has happened to Jasmine, never thinking this could happen
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Stakeholder: Jasmine
If we go forward with no one saying anything about what happened at the party, as the victim Jasmine does not have any values and principles that are being upheld. Many of her values and principles are being violated, feeling safe and trusting around people, her self-esteem will go down, her innocence's would have been taken from her, and she would want to isolated herself away from the world.
Jasmine would have many short and long-term impacts when making the decision not to talk to anyone. She could start having nightmares about the party, become a hermit not leaving her house, her self-esteem will go down, and if she does have injuries she would need to get them checked. Jasmines long-term impacts will be greater, she could have suicidal thoughts, she will have trust and fear issues toward people, she would start to avoid any male attention, and her school work would start to suffer. More importantly, she could have a possible pregnancy that she would have to deal with, she could also start to fear her daily life and what people might say to her.
Jasmine is not obligated to report the assault, there is no policies or standards that needs to

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