Central Valley Juvenile Detention: Case Study

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The minor was interviewed out of custody at the Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center and provided the following statement. The minor admitted to count 2 but disagreed with the Police Report and stated that he had been smoking at the party and did not remember what happened afterwards. The minor stated that his motivations were because he was smoking and he did not know what was happening. The minor feels like he should not have went to the party at this point and should not have been using drugs and is sorry for putting the girls through that. The minor stated that he is still friends with one of the victims but he does not want to talk to the other victims because the parents do not like him. The minor speaks every day to his mother in Adelanto and hopes that she gets her life turned around. The minor speaks with his father every two months due to him being in prison. He stated that he gets out in six or seven years and he hopes to see him. The minor stated that he can be very aggressive and angry towards his grandmother and that they would get into verbal altercations but they do occasionally go out. The minor stated that he is basically aggressive and …show more content…
They stated that they hope he did not actually do it and were glad that he took a deal. They expressed being in disbelief in regards to the minor’s involvement in the offense and stated that the minor has been stressed out a lot lately in regards to the offense. The minor’s grandmother described the minor at home as being good but sometimes very aggressive. His curfew is at 9:30 and he abides by it most of the time. The minor’s chores at home include taking the trash out and babysitting and he needs occasional reminding. The minor’s grandparents will punish the minor by grounding him and they believe it is

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