The Article Should 11-Year Adults Be Tried As Adults

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Children committing heinous crimes are not a rare occurrence anymore; the upsetting reality requires new tactics for dealing with young juveniles. Some Americans believe children should be tried as adults, yet others feel that they are too young to understand their wrong doings. In most conditions minors are quickly told they are too young or too old for something, however before being sent to an adult facility we need to contemplate all aspects of the case in order to decided whether or not being tried as an adult is necessary.
Regardless of the crime, some people feel that an adult facility is not a suitable environment for children to serve their sentences. Philip Holloway wrote the article “Should 11-year-olds be charged with adult crimes?” for the Cable News Network on October 14, 2015. Holloway, a CNN Legal Analyst, discusses the case of an 11 year old boy who murdered an 8 year old girl for refusing to allow the boy to see her puppy. The author believes juveniles shouldn’t be tried as adults and also points out that placing them in adult prisons puts them in more danger. Holloway suggests
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Holloway further explains in his article “It is beyond debate that the human brain does not reach anything close to maturity until the early mid 20’s” (2). Everyone looks for someone to go down for the misfortune, but sometimes the criminals are too young to be considered guilty of the crime. A child has not lived long enough to learn and grow; throwing adult sentences at them prohibits the experiences provided in everyday life to allow them to mature due to the lengthy sentences. Adults are old enough to understand their actions and their consequences; the same crimes can be committed by children however some people feel that does not mean they should end up in the same prison

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