Underage Criminals Should Be Tried

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Horrendous crimes have to be committed in order to be sentenced without parole. There are currently many countries in the world that punish underage criminals without ever giving them the opportunity to be free again, such as the United States, where around 2000 young criminals are imprisoned. Athough some crimes are too atrocious to be ever forgiven, it is of fundamental importance to take into consideration that children and teenagers are not fully mentally, physically, and emotionally developed, and they should not, therefore, be treated as adults while tried.

It can be argued that crimes such as rape, murder, and kidnapping are so horrible that the criminal individuals deserve not to be ever given an opportunity to be reintegrated into society again. These individuals have committed such terrible actions that it would be unfair as well as dangerous to give them a second chance.
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Moreover, many of the younge criminals come from families without education or where daily violence within the family is present. They may have been influenced by family members or friends in committing a crime and do not have the maturity to understand the actions. They may have been helping a crime to be committed without committing it themselves.

It is cruel and unusual to leave young individuals within prison walls for their entire lives. Indeed, the aim of being imprisoned should not be punishment but to reeducate them in order for them to understand what the correct values to follow are and to give them an opportunity to improve themselves. Moreover, children and teenagers should not be tried as if they were adults but instead tried in special youth courts where their young age is taken into

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