Argumentative Essay: Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

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The decision of juveniles being tried as adults in the world of criminal justice has usually been an object of controversy. Some agree that an adolescent who commits a serious crime like murder deserves to be penalized exactly like an adult; while others declare that a minor should not face the same punishment as an adult. However, no matter how severe or appalling a crime may be, juveniles should not be tried as adults; the reason being that everyone should be granted the chance to learn from their mistakes.
Juveniles should not be punished as adults, simply because they biologically distinct from adults. Teenagers are the midsection between children and adults. They can’t be classified as either demographic because they are mostly a combination
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Treating a teenager like an adult is basically treating a month old puppy the same as a year old dog. Obviously, the puppy will not be able to learn new tricks and adapt to situations the same way the dog does. This is also comparable with children: a twelve year old will understand concepts of something much faster than a six year old who is learning the same thing. Juveniles who commit murder are not fully aware of the consequences and severity that come with it.For instance take into consideration the case of Nathaniel Brazill. At fourteen he was already charged with first-degree murder. He killed his teacher Mr. Grunow, but later on deeply regretted his decision. He currently is trying to become a better person in every way he can because of his crime. In the article “A decade after Lake Worth Middle School shooting: Nathaniel Brazill regretful, ambitious,” Nathaniel explains that he intensely regrets what he has done. He also points out that he cannot fully comprehend what drove him to kill his teacher, even years later. To put it another way, teenagers convicted of murder should be given a second chance to make something of their lives as adults. One mistake should not destroy the potential future of someone’s life before it even

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