Stanley Milgram's The Perils Of Obedience

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Most people in high school get pressured to do stuff they don 't want to do. Whether it 's skipping class or helping a friend cheat on a test. When someone gets pressured they do not think clearly because, either they don 't want to be in the situation of their afraid to say no. When my sister was asking me to skip I was afraid to say no because she would 've made it a big deal. Many of the essays that we have read relate to what happened to me or have the same concept. In high school my older sister and her friends pressured me to skip class; I didn 't want to look scared or boring, so I ended up going and the whole time I was thinking it was a huge mistake and wished I had courage to say no and share what I thought. When I skipped …show more content…
When Milgram did his experiment most people went with what they wanted to do against doing the right thing. When Milgram says “ “The essence in obedience consists in the fact that a person comes to view himself as an instrument for carrying out another person 's wishes and he therefore no longer regards himself as responsible for his actions” (Milgram). This relates to what I am talking about because when I did leave school I wanted to make my sister happy. Again I didn 't think about myself or what I wanted and when my sister pursuing me to go at the time I knew if we got in trouble she would get the blame because she kept asking me to go. I was trying to find ways the protect myself so I didn 't get in trouble. What Milgram was explaining in his essay is what I was debating in my head. Do I listen to my parents and teacher that have told me skipping class is bad and could turn into a habit. Or do I listen to myself I had the control of picking no one telling me yes or no. Having that self control made me feel empowered and made me realize that I can make my own choice without somebody telling me no. What relates to his essay is my conscience and instead of doing the right thing I did the

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