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  • Lewton Bus: Movie Analysis

    For anyone who sat through the insufferable and laughable Ouija in 2014, you experienced a film that relied almost exclusively on jump scares, whizz-bang noises, and some of the most stilted acting and wooden dialogue this decade. The film's reliance on the "Lewton Bus" tactic, where we brace ourselves for something to scare us only to have something else reveal itself in that very moment, was used so much the movie became a joke in and of itself. And yes, sitting in the theater, I looked around and asked myself how and why am I sitting here, in a multiplex, waiting for a second Ouija movie to begin? As they often say in politics, follow the money. Despite Ouija being universally panned and mocked by almost everyone who watched it, the film earned $103 million worldwide on a production budget of just $5 million. In other words, the money confirmed to the studio higher-ups they had something people were interested in. And so, Universal Pictures wished director Stiles White all the best in his future endeavors and gave their wrecked car of a franchise to the talented writer/director Mike Flanagan, who raised some eyebrows with Oculus in 2013 and Hush, which garnered huge buzz at the 2016 South By Southwest film festival, before premiering on Netflix in May.…

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  • Ouija Board Quotes

    Trying the Ouija Board “The Best way to find yourself is too loose yourself in the services of others .” This quote is by Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Independence movement against British, led India to its Independence, and inspired movements. This quote goes along with my story pretty well and it would have been nice to have known about the quote before I did my actions. About 3 months, I didn’t stay true to myself and regretted it for a whole 2 months, I learned to be true to yourself and…

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  • Analysis Of Ouija By Sylvia Plath

    An Ouija board is a “game board” that is used to communicate with spirits. Why would someone want to communicate with spirits? In Sylvia Plath’s case, to connect with her dead father and ultimately with herself. Sylvia wrote the poem, Ouija, after getting involved with dark magic through her husband. In the end, dark magic is what killed her, although her death is viewed as suicide. She was once innocent but then dark spirits and her husband changed her. Darkness was what Sylvia sought and due…

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  • Ouija Planchete's Room: A Narrative Fiction

    A gentle breeze starts blowing, giving the air a little chill. Wanda shivers as she continues asking questions. The two hoped they could find out what happened to the children forty years ago. "So he kidnapped you, took you to the house?" Rebecca asks. The Ouija planchette moves to yes. "Did he do anything sexual to you?" Wanda asks. The small plastic object moved to no. "How many did he murder?" The planchette moved to one. "Just one?" Rebecca asked, knowing the police found eleven decomposed…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Paranormal Experience

    Having a paranormal experience can be bloodcurdling, but it can also be a phenomenal experience to look back on. When I was about thirteen years old, I had my first experience with a Ouija board. A Ouija board is used to communicate with people that are no longer among the living. I was with my uncle Elvis, who is my mother’s brother. My uncle took me to his friend’s apartment, and at that moment he pulled out what appeared to be a very ancient Ouija board. My uncle tried to “warm it up” by…

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  • Charlotte's Frozen Charlotte

    hand when the Lights Went Out.” he gave me a sharp look, “ I didn't hold your hand.” a prickly feeling started to creep over my skin. “ yes, you did.” “ Sophie, I didn't. you must have you must have imagined it. it would pretty crazy in there.” But he was already striding towards the door, and although she tried to stop him from entering the room he pushed past her roughly. I hurried and after him and gasped, broken keys, cut strings, splinters of glossy wood, someone had done their very…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Ghosts

    and skills of a ghost. There are known cases where people have poked fun at ghosts and the ghosts have knocked people down for their conduct. Ghosts are like people and can become angry and upset by rudeness and disrespect. Consider "road rage." We take with us our attitudes and emotions when we cross to the other side. Will a ghost hurt you? No, most likely not. Why, because they have no reason to want to hurt you. When you gosomewhere, are the people there going to hurt you? Not, unless you…

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  • Fads In The 1920's

    underground venues, it is speculated that the winner would be murdered once all the players left the room miserably. Jazz Music in the 1920s • Black American-based music derived from slave music and African spirituals. • Undercurrents of racism bone strategy upon the opposition of jazz. • The time from the end of WW1 to 1929 is known as the “Jazz Age” • Some influential jazz artists include: Louis Armstrong, Fat Waller and Miles Davis • Chicago and New York were the most important centres for…

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  • Awakenings Movie Analysis

    Sayer (Robin Williams) is assigned to work with a group of patients who are in a coma, ever since an epidemic of encephalitis ("sleeping sickness") decades before, have not spoken or appeared to understand anything that was going on around them. His superiors object, but he gets permission to try it on one patient, Leonard Lowe (Robert De Niro). Dr. Sayer finds a solution to reach past the patients' separate mental states: Exercises, for example, getting a ball, listening to recognizable music,…

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  • Isolation In Swamplandia

    She began creating an alternative reality for herself with a ouija board, and in the communications she had with ghosts, she used this new reality to revert her attention away from the traumatic event. She fell in love with a ghost that she had been communicating with, Ossie would leave at all times of the night in order to spend time with him. This would worry her family at all times of the night. This worrying led Ava on a quest to save her. Very determined, Ava allowed the companionship of…

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