Analysis: The Danish Girl

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Wow, mental insane asylum for that? Whew! So fucked up. That 's also like how on the movie "The Danish Girl." She – she 's a transgender woman - almost got sent to a mental institution as well. It was definitely harder way back then when it came to your sexuality and gender. It 's better now – as in there 's more people who accept it I believe- but there 's still those rat looking assholes running around not knowing how to stop making a big deal out of something no one can control.

"That are somewhat envious and a little jealous of what they have out there now for the trans community."

What you said there is very interesting and I wonder if that still applies now.

I 've always liked how Mickey and Ian are just seen as plain typical
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Are you going to do something Ian oooor? Many people view him as boring without Mickey which I can understand. From the jump point Mickey has been Ian 's story- line other than Ian getting fucked and fucking old ass greasy men who need to be put in jail or at least have their asses …show more content…
That Jimmy-Steve-Jack-Joe-Bob crap was played out real fast. Funny enough people still keep bringing him up on reddit wanting him back.

I find it so funny how I 'm not interested in Ian being gay but I 'm interested in Lip and Fiona being gay when that won 't happen. 

Oh, yeah that was definitely Cameron 's longest sex scene and there should be some lengthy gay sex scene for sure. And not any of that bend over on the couch type of shit, no in the bed..with ben wa beads, haha!

Oh really? I was wondering if any of the writers got any messages other than Sheila. The fear is real. I mostly see people talking to her about the Mickey situation. She 's had some bitchy answers to give out though so I 'm not really feeling her but I can understand why if she 's the only one receiving this backlash.

True, when there 's no interference in their relationship they have a good relationship. No fussing from Ian or any second guessing. So they probably do need to go away if they still want to be together after Mickey puts Ian in his place. Also, that 's great that Sheila was able to bring Noel – from my understanding he 's back – back into the fold. I know if I were any of the cast members I would 've been on his ass to

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