Descriptive Essay : ' Hell '

1051 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
I can’t stand the taste of this nicotine on my tongue, it’s bitter and degrading. But it’s the only hint of heat on this raw and bleak night. It’s cold as hell, which doesn’t make sense because hell could never be cold. It’s always cold here. Fucking Michigan. God’s snow globe. We are all fucking snowmen in this winter-wonderland. Well, most of us, not me though. No, I refuse to follow the ways of these morons around me, who just go on with life as if nothing were wrong. Not giving a shit about anyone but themselves. Fuck people. Some moron, right now, is bitching about how his coffee being just a little too hot, while most of the world can’t even afford water. I’d kill them all, all the rude-ass people of this world, if I could. Well – I can, but – I won’t. Lucky for them, there are rules. But tonight I could care less about the rules I just need to kill somebody. Now.
I stroll through the boulevard searching for my next victim I already know who it is, where he is, what he’s doing this very moment. I just like to pretend I don’t. I light another stick, and feel its warmth as the flame dies from my lighter. I can feel the smoke float down my lifeless body. The nicotine can’t bring me life, no, only taking a life can do that. Yeah, I know I’m fucked up. But it’s okay, I only kill bad people, never an innocent. If anyone knew about my dark secret, well – I like to think that they’d thank me. I’m like a real life batman, protecting the city from all its villains. Or as they…

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