Travis Miler's Life-Personal Narrative

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I was sitting comfortably on my bed reading a story on Reddit about Ghengis Khan when Travis Miler burst into my room. “Derson?” “What’s good.” My phone said it was 8:56 am. “Bowl?” “I’d be down.” I laid back on my bed and rubbed my eyes, sinking into the pad on my mattress. I twisted some chest hairs and continued reading. Travis set his backpack down and dogged around for the ideal eighth-bag to pinch out of. He opened my closet and pulled out a bong wrapped at the base and downstem with electrical and duct tape. Travis tried to get a glimpse of the water at the bottom and saw how nasty and yellow that shit was and went to go dumb it in the toilet and put new water in. Did you know that during depression-era germany, a man was walking down the street with a wheelbarrow full of reichmarks and was robbed by a gang of thieves who overturned and stole the man’s wheelbarrow and ran off? I didn’t. Travis came back in. “It’s crazy to me how quickly this …show more content…
The trees were clearing, the day was sunny now, our jackets were heavy and sweaty and we wore them tied at our hips. The ground was soft but not mud, purple and yellow and orange flowers bloomed on the sides of the path, birds chirped, why the were we not at the moontower? Eventually we were spit out of the dirt path to a wide open dirt parking lot. Nothing was parked there, but a trail led to a tunnel through a rock. We walked along. Me and Travis could not stop staring at the road, it was dirt! So we walk and we follow this green old man through the tunnel and we take the path to the moon tower and 5 minutes later we’re at the base of it with a stone and brick road running in front of it with a fountain. It looked tall. The trees looked short. We climbed it all the way to the top and looked out and saw the great cliff drop to the sea just beyond the edge of the hill before us, and to our right were high mountains tipped in snow whose feet came right up to the

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