Personal Narrative: Half Dome

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The neighborhood was noiseless, and the sky was pitch black, for there had been no moon on that summer morning in June. My mother and father started our car and waited for Sofia,my sister, sean ,my friend, and me to get inside. It was time to leave our dull suburban home in San Jose, and drive to the beloved National Park, Yosemite, to hike Half Dome. On the car ride there I had slept, but awoke right when we had gotten into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Looking outside of the window and noticing all of the evergreen trees was surreal for me, as I rolled down my window a strong smell of pine and fresh air poured into the car. After six hours we finally reached our destination around noon, and Curiosity overpowered my weariness from the prolonged journey. I set off with Sean to venture in the wilderness. Fascinated by Yosemite's charm we became exhausted from exploring all day. I quickly fell into a deep slumber, but little did I know being exhausted was the utmost …show more content…
We were ready for Half Dome! Seeing my father being the only person about to quit affected me greatly.It’s hard to see a person who you love in agony, but worse contradict something he preached. My father always told me, “That if you set your mind to something you can and will do it.” My role model was giving up. I’ve never seen him have so much pain, for it appeared as if all life was removed from him. When he saw me finish the trek, that motivated him finish the part of the hike which you climb up two metal cables that allow hikers to climb four hundred feet to the summit free handed.You either conquer or die. Being partially debilitated sitting in aw at the scenery; we wondered how could anything be so spectacular, so untouched, so pure. We were baffled. On that day i inspired my father, and will stick with me for eternity. This obstacle was a true test of strength, and grit. I have accomplished great feats at school, but not all education will come from a

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