Personal Narrative-Michael's Story

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Michael’s Story

“Michael!” Kate shouted. I looked behind me and in a split second the bully was on me, throwing punches at my gut left and right. My friends couldn’t do anything with James blocking them off. Each punch was like someone hitting my gut with a cinder block. I looked to the side to see my friends trying to break free to help. Eventually Carl broke free and pushed the bully down. Oh, I forgot to mention the bully’s name. He is Jimmy. We sprinted as fast as our legs could take us and we got away.
Jimmy shouted as we were running, “Next time we don’t get our money you will never see the light of day.”

Just then we saw a 6th grader. He looked like he put grades over friends the way he walked to his class. Just as I assumed, I found out why he wanted to hurry. I saw a tall kid approach him. This tall kid’s name was Jimmy. He shoved the innocent 6th grader into the locker and slammed it shut. I heard him shout something while the poor kid was screaming inside, I couldn’t tell what he was saying though. Kate
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They nodded but had a nervous look on their faces.
I bellowed out orders like a drill sergeant. They seemed to be okay with me in charge, but a little bit annoyed.

I threatened the two main people, taunting them like I was the high school bully. James and Jimmy were watching us like the prey ready to counter-attack its threat. James began mocking us to the point where the small group of us were more aggravated than irritated. Jimmy was so confident he brung out half of his group to fight us.Out of nowhere his posse formed up and Carl began to have second thoughts and I was becoming more than just being nervous at this point.

I shouted the cue and then in the blink of an eye Cody and Kate tried jumping out. Cody got clotheslined and his body. Kate tried to run but they got her and smashed her into the locker. Jimmy and his group glanced at Kate curling into a ball to protect herself, then they looked at

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