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  • Sergeant Trotter Play Analysis

    reveals the truth and the secrets of the play. I have watched this show at Long Beach Play House and also on you tube several times to understand the theme and the core message of this play. After assessing all, I have planned to play the role of Sergeant Trotter. My role theme is basically based on the revenge and murder mystery. I think the role of Trotter is the most challenging one. Trotter is present in the guest house to investigate an ongoing murder case. He is the person, who seems to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Obstacles In The Army

    During my time in the Army, I have had plenty of obstacles, one in particular would be when I was a RTO (radio tech operator) and we were attached to another battalion to go raid a village. We patrolled all night until we walked twelve miles to our location avoiding helicopters flying in the sky looking for us. Once we finally set up an OP (observation post) we had a team go out and recon the village and we established a plan on how we were going to attack the village. My squad only had about…

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  • Non Commissioned Officer Essay

    Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the Marine Corps. They are the vital link in ensuring Marines under their charge are trained, and exceed proficiency in the occupational specialty. Marine non-commissioned officers provide and assist their Marines in professional development, they enforce the physical and mental standards in junior Marines through small unit leadership. Non-Commissioned Officers are responsible for their men and their actions, and the Marine non-commissioned officer…

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  • Importance Of Noncommissioned Officer Essay

    The most important role in leadership is a noncommissioned officer. Noncommissioned officer or should we say “NCO” has been a very important factor in the United States Army, for a very long time and is known to be the back bone of the Army. Respecting the noncommissioned officer in the army is critical. They have been carefully selected to train and guide soldiers to the right path. A noncommissioned officer has mastered all the basic soldier skills they have earned their respect by serving in…

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  • Service Academy Essay Sample

    “The magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.” This proverb sums up everything I went through when I recently attended the Air Force Academy’s Summer Seminar in July. While there, I was pushed well beyond my limits. We, the attendees, did strenuous physical training sessions at roughly a mile above sea level, woke up before the sun rose, attended sample classes, and studied tons of military knowledge while learning about the Air Force Academy and the admission process. It was…

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  • Contributions Of Legacy Leaders In Today's Young Army

    Williams (Retired). To me his most notable contributions to leader development were signified during his time as the Command Sergeant Major of Army Training and Doctrine Command. Even though he mentored many other NCOs and soldiers before me, there was a vast amount of knowledge that could be learned from him. He devoted himself to being the best trained and educated Soldier and…

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  • The Importance Of The Noncommissioned Officer

    When people look at the U.S. Army, civilians often view soldiers as the same because they are usually unable to differentiate between ranks or positions of their authority. Nearly all people understand that there is a difference between a soldier and a leader, but they don’t know the Army has several types of leaders within its ranks and maintains an official chain of command. John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, speaker, and author once said “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way,…

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  • Marine Corps Experience Essay

    help improve my fellow Sergeants’ corps’ .I truly believe that the Marines Sergeant is the backbone of the Marine Corps ,but of the entire service .This aggressive approach help me instill leadership in my Marines .I had become less passive and more confrontational with NCOs that fail to follow rules and regulations . During my first deployment to Iraq in 2003, I was awarded my second Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal by the Commanding Officer of MWSS-372, For performing my responsibilities…

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  • Difference Between Direct And Organizational Leadership

    Direct Leadership Versus Organizational Leadership The United States Army defines leadership as "the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization" (Department of the Army, p. 1). While all levels of Army leadership are interconnected there are various levels of leadership recognized within the Army. The three tiers of leadership are direct, organizational, and strategic. In this paper, I will describe…

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  • The Role Of PTSD In War

    This makes it very difficult for veterans when they come back home and attempt to return back to “living normal.” As Sergeant John Wesley Matthews state, “[t]hey just expect you to turn it off.” When experiencing so much blood shed and even contributing it, some veterans can be driven off the edge because they are unsure of what to do or who to turn to. Sergeant Matthews claims to having thought about suicide before and claiming, “[i]t will tear your life apart. And many a soldier has met…

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