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  • My Personal Experience As A Non Commissioned Officer

    My personal experience as a Non Commissioned Officer in the military and my growth as a Non Commission Officer started on 25 March 1988. It all started with my lifelong dream of being a Soldier. My next-door neighbor was a Sergeant in the Army and every day when he got home, I would sit and chat with him, I was no older than eight years old. I remembered him saying, “Curtis, I can tell you will join the service in ten years from now because every day you produce different questions regarding…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As An Army Soldier

    At times we find ourselves in situations we could never envision being in, I know For me this was at no time more of the case than when I deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. To better illustrate, I found myself in a platoon amongst a variety of individuals from varying places in America with an array of backgrounds. I personally was just a year removed from living at home with my parents when I enlisted into the Army to work with communications. Perhaps I was delusional, thinking war would not be a…

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  • Summary Of War By Sebastian Junger

    Look at chapter 2“War is a big and sprawling word that brings a lot of human suffering into the conversation, but combat is a different matter. Combat is the smaller game that young men fall in love with, and any solution to the human problem of war will have to take into account the psyches of these young men” (Junger 2011, p. 234). Sebastian Junger, the author of War (2011), was born in Belmont, Massachusetts and grew up to become an award-winning journalist and #1 New York Times Bestselling…

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  • Sfc Colvin Character Analysis

    Sergeant First Class Brent Colvin I had the honor and privilege of serving under the authority of Sergeant First Class Brent Colvin while I was a soldier with Bravo Battery, 2/222, Field Artillery and I have chosen him as my “Leader of Influence.” I served with SFC Colvin in various capacities while he was my Platoon Sergeant, including as a Fire Direction Specialist, unit radio equipment specialist, and his personal driver. I observed his leadership abilities during garrison activities and…

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  • Warrant Officer Corps Reflective Essay

    Warrant Officer Corps is one of the most prestige technical career field in the United States Armed Forces. Warrant officers are highly skilled, military occupational specialty (MOS) officers. The selection into the Warrant Officer Corps is completed through an application process where only the best of the best are chosen. As a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Army, I (SFC Bivins) felt I was full qualified; therefore, I submitted an application and was accepted based on my…

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  • Warrant Officer Duties

    Greater Responsibility My dad was a senior Non-commissioned Officer, and growing up, I could remember the jokes about Officers and the other branches of the military. By the time I arrived at Fort Huachuca in 2009, I had been in the U.S. Army for almost ten years and never really had an opportunity to work with Warrant Officers. Sure, I had work with two Warrant Officers for about one month in 2003, and one Warrant Officer in my advanced Korean class in 2005, but that was the extent of my…

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  • Sfc Garner Leadership Style Essay

    Zohra Fazal January 19th, 2017 SFC Garner and I arrived at the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade around the same time and were both assigned to Alpha Company (A Co), 2nd Military Intelligence Batallion (MI BN), he as the Headquarters Platoon Sergeant, and I as the Orderly Room Non-commissioned officer in charge (NCOIC). This paper will explore the Legacy of SFC Garner and how his leadership style impacted the Organization as a whole and what residual effects it had on the Soldiers and…

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  • The Importance Of Printed Questionnaires

    Online questionnaires would be a better choice since people can type out their answers and store the information electronically. An online questionnaire would have graphics attached, check boxes, pull down menus, pop up menus, and help screens. Printed questionnaires would be good for those that do not have access to the internet and there are some people that are not receptive to completing questionnaires online. For any questionnaire, let us try to “Avoid open-ended questions. In most cases…

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  • Essay On Punctuality

    he Importance of Punctuality as a Non Commissioned Officer In this paper I will cover the importance of punctuality as a Non Commissioned Officer and all that a Non Commissioned Officer job entails. I will also cover the history as an Non Commissioned Officer, the Military Police Corps, and how we became one of the Most Disciplined military. It is all Non Commissioned Officers job to set the standard and lead by example, punctuality is a big part of that. The Army is a profession that depends…

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  • Battle For Mother America Analysis

    When our country calls, there is only a few that answer her willingly and honorably. There are a few people who will courageously go to battle for Mother America. Two of those who have paid the toll and served under the command of the president of the united states are Cyrus F. Boyd who served during the civil war in the fifteenth Iowa infantry, and Robert Tonsetic who served during the vietnam war as an infantry officer under the 199th light infantry brigade. These men served in battle during…

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