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  • Essay On Army Counterintelligence

    (NCO) Counterintelligence (CI) Special Agents is different from most Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Army. Anywhere that an Infantryman can go follows the same general progression. They go to a line platoon, move from soldier to team leader to squad leader to Platoon Sergeant. They all receive training on the M4 carbine, M249 Squad automatic Weapon, 240 Machine Gun, and M2 Machine Gun. CI Agents do not follow a path similar to the infantry setup. CI Agents can go to positions…

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  • Nonfiction Elements In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    War changes people. The Vietnam war changed many soldiers, families, and countries who were affected. This war was different from the other wars we had fought in the past. It was long and, it lasted years longer than they had expected. The war became increasingly unpopular at home in the United States. The Things They Carried is a historical fiction novel that follows Tim O’Brien, who is also the protagonist of the book- and his fellow soldiers in the Alpha Company during the Vietnam war. Tim…

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  • Reflection Of Three Formal Interviews As An Army Officer

    I have conducted three formal interviews with two Staff Sergeants and a First Lieutenant, who serve within the infantry branch. For this paper, I have chosen to reflect upon the interviews I conducted with First…

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  • Case Study: Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Soto

    Staff Sergeant Soto enlisted in the Marine Corps in March, 2000 and attended recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, CA in March of 2000 as Private Soto. Private First Class (PFC) Soto attended the School of Infantry and Basic Machinegunnery at San Onfre, Camp Pendleton CA from June to August 2000. Upon Graduation PFC Soto reported to 1st Battalion, 1st Marines (1/1), Weapons Company (Wpns Co), Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAAT) Platoon (Plt) August 2000. PFC Soto was…

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  • Sfc Green Legacy

    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact that SFC James L. Green III has had on the ARMY and on me. At the same time I will discuss how SFC Green’s legacy has and will shape the legacy that I intend to leave. Let me start by providing some background about SFC Green. SFC Green grew as an ARMY brat. In my opinion this is one of the reasons he developed so much resilience and so much knowledge of the ARMY in all of its aspects. During his younger years he passed his time between…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Correctional Officer

    what I had witnessed? I observed a man pull and swing an inmate to her knees! How could this clash not be considered the use of force? Questioning this sergeant’s authority is not something that I desired to do. Especially this particular sergeant, this RC sergeant had a reputation for not adhering to the rules, not reporting the use of force and creating the Greenwall in her unit. Standing there for what felt like five minutes, sweat beading on my forehead, finally gathering the strength I need…

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  • Point Of Views In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    and he himself- “…would get their shit together, and keep it together… (O 'Brien)”, further demonstrating his determination to prevent history from repeating itself. The narrator does a brilliant job of showing the reader the struggles of Cross’ platoon, conveying the feeling of both being there as another soldier, and as an omniscient chronicler where no detail or fact is spared;…

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  • The Fireman's Wife Short Story Essay

    The short stories, “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien and “The Fireman’s Wife” by Richard Bausch have resonated with me after reading them this semester. I am able to draw similarities from what I’ve read and associate them with the story. Doing so made what I read capture my full attention and transport me into the story. Also, I discovered and tackled flaws in my own character in the process. I found both of these short stories to have been thought provoking and an interesting read as…

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  • Sociological Observation

    INTRODUCTION Have you ever observed the interaction of two people and based on their body language you arrived at the conclusion that they may have been divorced for a year, remarried two years later, and on the verge of another divorce? Ok, that may be a little too detailed and you have keen observation skills, but what about observing one individual? These are some of the times that we bring out our Sociological Imagination which is the ability to see our personal lives in the context of the…

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  • The Importance Of Counseling In The Army

    Officer, or Sergeant. This was the first bit of one on one professional development that I had received in years. It was an important event. Additionally, it set the tone for the unit I was entering and let me know my limits. Furthermore, the counseling gave me a set of standards to live up to. The counseling was given by a man with eighteen years of experience serving his country, First Sergeant Bradford Bygness, a true professional. Six months after I arrived to the unit, First Sergeant…

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