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  • Case Study Of A TA Platoon Section Sergeant

    1. I am concerned about the inefficient and derelict performance of your duties as a TA Platoon Section Sergeant. Specifically I am concerned about the following:  SGT Crawford, on 6 April 2016 you failed to pass the APFT administered by HHB 2-3 FA BN. Your failure to meet minimum Army standards is an overall indication of your less than acceptable fitness level/standards. Your ability to pass the APFT is of great concern to me for many reasons. First, presents an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing. These actions are unacceptable from your own Soldier and they are most certainly unacceptable from a Non- Commissioned officer. As a Non- Commissioned Officer you always need to maintain an impeccable military appearance and…

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  • Combat Support Function

    structured with cooks and distribution platoon arriving on the advance party and the mechanics trailing a few weeks behind. BN Leadership allowed us to integrate as needed, which proved to be invaluable by allowing my senior platoon sergeants to push the BN with equipment, feeding and logistical needs. Over the next week, it became evident that the BN Commander relied too heavily on our company. Our required training moved quickly to support Alpha thru Delta Company METLs and became over…

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  • Analysis Of Black Hearts By Jim Frederick

    always try to do the right thing. However the reality can be quite different. The reality of war is that it is dirty, ugly, and rarely, if ever, a glorious affair. All armies throughout history have had their share of incidents that they would rather forget and the modern US Army is no different. The book Black Hearts by Jim Frederick is about such an incident, the rape and murder of young girl, along with members of her family. Frederick delves not only into the murders themselves, but analyzes…

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  • Cadet Leader Reflective Essay

    However, this was most interaction I have experience with OPFOR. During the school year, we rarely practiced communicating with them. Whether it be hostage negotiation or interacting with “villagers” during a mission, learning to relate with various personnel is important at CLC. Surely on campus, we could work more on this matter. We can have the MS4s and Cadre act as OPFOR, but not just as hostile force ready to engage the cadets during a mission. We could set up situations where MS3s would…

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  • The Importance Of Mentorship In Leadership

    within our new Area of Operation (AO). It was during my Platoon’s execution of this mission at an unavoidably predictable location that the enemy in our AO cashed in their vote with catastrophic results. In living my “worst case scenario,” I would have to blindly depend on our collective planning and preparation, my training and instincts, and an ability to operate despite temporary but complete loss of outcome control. We had just under a month in theater and the same amount of time with a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Major Mission

    My first major mission, a young 18 year old, the lead gunner behind a M240B as the first line of defense for our platoon; would soon be a situation that left an imprint in my life and has forever changed how I now lead as an NCO. This mission took place in 2007 near the city of Ad Dawr, Iraq. The mission was complex but my orders were simple, protect the convoy and provide security. The main objective was to expose and detain (if possible) a cell leader to include destroying his know cache…

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  • Army Reflective Essay

    Drill Sergeant First Class Greene taught me what an Army Non-Commissioned Officer leader should be from my first days in the Army. From the day I met him, SFC Greene personified the Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. He taught how to be a Soldier by leading by personal example. He mentored me in lessons about honor and integrity. SFC Greene’s mentoring carries with me through my career. As I learn to be a more effective leader…

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  • The Importance Of An NCO

    I took the situation too lightly and that was not my place to brush it off and assume that everything would get better. I know now that as an NCO it is my job to take care of my soldiers but it takes more than one NCO to do so. By keeping my squad leader and platoon sergeant out of the equation I limit my resources for help on evaluating and fixing the…

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  • How To Tell A True War Story

    jungles. Remember, this is a scavenging mission. Do not engage. Stay frosty. The maze of mangroves. The hot and humid air. Only the half shape banana lit the sky with a spotlight. Whilst they ranged through the grass jungle, needle-sharp creatures fly and land on the lump of muscles. The eerie sounds of the rainforest animals filled the skies. Pellets of rain drops raced down towards the earth. The platoon leader tells Lemon to clean his glasses as they crossed the muddy river north…

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  • The History And Importance Of The Non-Commissioned Officer

    well known as the Blue Book, helped standardize the Non-Commissioned Officers responsibilities and duties for corporals all the way up the ranks to Sergeant Major. In his book von Steuben wanted the American Non-Commissioned Officer to truly buy into the ideals he had set forth. While some of his ideals he had set forth emphasized non-commissioned officers training soldiers in the ways of marksmanship because of the more accurate rifles they had over their enemies the British, while other…

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