Human Resource Noncommissioned Officer Essay

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As a Human Resource Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) in the military, Soldiers transform from civilian into Soldiers. Starting from the very beginning they learn how to march, run, cadence, and learn the overall basic army skills as a new Soldier joining the ranks. Once you acquire the army basic skills to learn just enough to get by, the Army sends you to advanced individual training to become a Human Resource Specialist.
As a Human Resource Specialist, you start at the most junior rank acquiring and learning different skills. To reach your ultimate outcome of becoming a NCO in the United States Army you must master these skills. Once you have achieved the rank of a NCO, it is upon you to sit in the back and become the one true professional that will go above and beyond to assist Soldiers. This assistance meets their everyday needs as required and authorized by regulation.
The life of the Human Resource Specialist is not always glorious but you can achieve self-gratification when you know that you have done a good job. That gratification comes from assisting another Soldier with accomplishing a task or goal that helps that Soldier’s overall well-being.
Higher echelons lean on
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I would need to ask the Soldier to repeat their question, keeping in mind I am a Human Resource NCO, I maybe asked for all the answer that I might not know. So as a silent professional in the human resource world, it is my responsibility to help this Soldier or my commander in what they need when they need it. The repercussion of not being timely, could affect the Soldier’s moral causing a chain reaction of events that start from the top and works its way back down to the most junior Soldier in your

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