Kobe Bryant sexual assault case

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  • Rob Mahoney Then And Now Analysis

    In the article “ Then and Now: The evolution of Lebron James” the author, Rob Mahoney, explains the different styles Lebron James plays with in the game of basketball with his aging body. He began with the explanation of the basic Lebron defense used by many teams today to try and stop him. He describes how he has learned from playing against it for so many years. The author breaks down the different play styles of the young Lebron to the older Lebron. The younger Lebron was a more explosive…

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  • College Basketball: The One And Done Rule

    One and Done Rule Many believe that The One and Done Rule, which is when a college basketball player only stays for a year and then leaves for the NBA, should be thrown out. They believe that the players should have to stay at least two years in college and get a degree. The One and Done Rule is ultimately harmful to student athletes and the university because it forces college teams to completely rebuild their roster on an annual basis, playing only one year of college basketball does not…

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  • Jeremy Lin Character Analysis

    BY STEVEN.O the main character is jeremy lin. the film takes place in palo alto california.jeremy is a now a NBA player ,so he tells his story leading up to his career.he starts of by telling the audience about his early childhood,the he transitions himself to his life as a chinese american playing ball in a ivy league. BY SOME OTHER CRITIC:The story of Jeremy Lin's rise to fame is well known and was exhaustively covered in 2012. The American-born middle son of Taiwanese immigrants, he grew…

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  • How The Invention Of Basketball Changed

    Imagine having to play basketball with a soccer ball and a peach basket. James Naismith didn't have the money to invent a new ball so they just played with a soccer. Peach baskets were used as the first hoops. Basketball has changed over the years. From the invention of basketball to the modern popularity today, basketball has evolved into what it is today. Basketball was created by James Naismith. In 1891,he invented the game of basketball. He worked as a gym teacher at the YMCA. He worked in…

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  • Basketball History

    minorities to play the game of basketball. Since this happen it has allowed a lot of African-Americans to become famous and recognize worldwide. Some African-Americans that has become famous and recognize worldwide are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Derrick Rose, LeBron James, and Vince…

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  • Lebron James: A Hero's Journey

    Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, all names that come to mind when thinking about basketball’s greatest players. But LeBron James, is perhaps the one that stands above them all. His trip from a hard childhood in Akron, to high school stardom and becoming one of the most decorated NBA players of all time is often regarded as a hero’s journey. The concept of this 12 step journey was originally created by Joseph Campbell as an archetype for heroes in literature, particularly mythology.…

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  • Comparison Of Bo Jackson And Michael Jordan

    When discussing who the greatest athlete of all-time, two names come to mind: Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan. Although they grew up in different time periods and played different sports, they both dominated in their respected professions, in which they performed at levels that no one has ever seen before. Jackson and Jordan both displayed crazy statistics over and over again throughout their career but physically watching them helps to truly understand their greatness. Besides being great…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bill Russell

    playing the game at age 17! His Inside out passing which he found open shooter again and again would be a great skill for todays NBA,Passing big are starting to do a lot of work nowadays. [CI]There's always been a case for Hakeem being the best center of all time but usually the most charming case has been him being the best two way center of all time. Besides being a authentic Elite defender, He was one of the greatest offensive forces of all time.Whether it was the 60s or today’s era Hakeem’s…

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  • Best Basketball Bag Essay

    Top 10 Best Basketball Bags in 2018 With the top 10 best basketball bags in 2018, you can keep your equipment safe in one place. As you know, the sports take up a lot of your time and you do not want to waste energy looking for your equipment. The amazing thing is no matter what sports you take part in these basketball backpacks serves many purposes. They keep your things organized and prevent them from lying around. The basketball bag makes it easier for you to find the important things you…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Night Hoops

    I read the book “Night Hoops” by Carl Deuker. A boy named Nick Abbott is a high school basketball player that loves the sport. He is determined to be the best that he can in the sport and be on the varsity team. He gets in a fight with Trent Dawson, a trashy kid that has gotten into some bad stuff. He later starts to become really good friends with Trent and they start to practice together. The main plot of the book is how Trent and Nick get over their differences and become friends while the…

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