Kobe Bryant sexual assault case

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  • Social Media's Influence On Sports

    Introduction The question of the research project is “Does an NBA player’s social media behaviour influence people’s opinions?” This question refers to NBA players posting on social media and how it influences fans, other NBA players, the public or the world’s opinion about them as individual NBA players. Finding the information for this question was not easy, but it was manageable. Majority of the information found for the research topic was by researching on popular sports websites (Bleacher…

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  • Golden State Warriors Research Paper

    The defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors successfully break the long standing record of the 1995-1996 Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls for the team with the most number of regular season victories on Wednesday evening. The Warriors made history after beating the Memphis Grizzlies with a 125-104 win to register the franchise 73rd triumph to set a new record and became the very first ballclub to claim NBA’s best-ever regular season with 73-9. According to an article of theScore, the…

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  • Kyrie Irving: My Role Model

    The person that is my role model and that i look up too is Kyrie Irving point guard for the cleveland cavaliers. Kyrie Irving is a person so dedicated to the game of basketball. Kyrie Irving also loves helping people in need on and off the basketball court. He has also achieved so many things in this young career at the age of 23. For these reasons is that Kyrie Irving is my role model. First and foremost, Kyrie Irving was playing the finals NBA championship and in overtime game one against…

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  • Golden State Warriors Case Analysis

    LeBron James left Cleveland after seven years of the same old Cleveland. He was the best player on that roster and even the league, yet the Cavaliers front office failed to surround him with talent. Mo Williams? Boobie Gibson? Ilgauskas? Please. They brought in Shaquille O'Neal in 2010, but that was when Shaq was way past his use-by date. If you've given a team seven years of your absolute best and more, and they can't repay you with anything, can you blame LeBron for leaving to South Beach?…

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  • Lebron James: What Makes A Successful Athlete

    Every kid who plays a sport, has someone they idolize and eventually they will want to be just as successful or maybe even more successful than that person. But what makes that person successful? Is it the money? Is it the fame? Is it the flashy clothes and cars? Well, while all of that comes along with the success, it does not make an athlete successful. What makes an athlete successful is their talent, but also their determination, desire and their leadership qualities. The God given talent…

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  • The Greatest Basketball Player In Michael Jordan's Life

    Growing up my older brother had a big impact on my interests. I grew to love the game of basketball from him. From watching and playing the sport I have grown and learned life lessons. From learning the story of how the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan, became to be the best has been a big inspiration in my life. He grew up loving the game and trying to be the best that he could be. But when high school came around his skills weren’t enough for varsity. After not making the…

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  • Dwyane Wade Research Papers

    “With the 5th pick in the 2003 NBA draft, the Miami Heat select Dwyane Wade from Marquette University.” 2003 was a clean start for the Miami Heat after selecting Dwyane Wade. When you hear the name Dwyane Wade, the first place you will always think of is Miami without a doubt. The legacy, and joy Wade has left in this city will be eternally remembered. The exhausting, yet happy morning after having your basketball team win a championship is the feeling Dwyane Wade made sure each and every one…

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  • Main Events That Occurred In The Life Of Wes 1 Essay

    Write complete sentences to answer the questions. Submit your answers by entering text into the window, or by attaching a file. 1. What are the main events that occurred in the life of Wes 1 in this chapter? 2. What are the main events that occurred in the life of Wes 2 in this chapter? Chapter 2: “Author” Wes After settling into his grandparent’s home, Wes quickly realized their results were stricter than his mother’s. He decided to seek out ways to get out of the house and made some…

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  • Caavs Persuasive Speech

    The draft is finally here! Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavs and their fans. The NBA felt so bad for LeBron leaving to take his talents to South Beach that the NBA decided to award number one pick for the 3rd time since that moment. You have the number one pick!! Maybe the rules should be changed, so that the same team can’t keep winning the draft lottery. I’m sure a fan of the Timberwolves or the Kings would agree. They’ve never won the lottery, even though it seems like they’ve had…

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  • Alabama Bat History

    The Alabama Bats also know as the “Battling Bats” are an American Basketball team in located in Montgomery, Alabama. The bats compete in the NBA Eastern Conference. The team began playing in 1961, since then they have played all of their games in Garrett Coliseum or the “Bat Cave.” The Bats wear Red and Black. The teams mascot Bat Boy provides entertainment for fans, getting them excited to see their Bats play. The Bats were founded by Martin Luther King Jr in 1961 and originally named the…

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