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  • Persuasive Speech: Cow Milk

    Introduction Milk is the ultimate superfood, right? Only if you're a calf. I'll tell you why these things are terrible for you and why cow milk should not be part of our diet. Preview of Main Points I'll be covering what cow's milk is, what is in it, and what it actually does to our bodies. Body Main Point 1 A cow's milk is designed to nourish her baby calf. A woman's breast milk is designed to nourish our baby humans. We aren't supposed to interchange breast milk between species.…

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  • Whey Lab

    If More Acid were Added, Would the Mass of the Curd Increase? Purpose The purpose of the lab was to find out if the mass of the curd would increase if more acid were to be added to the milk. Background Information The major proteins found in milk, casein and whey, are great at providing all the important amino acids. The only difference between the two is that whey is a quick digesting protein and casein is slow digesting. Whey is beneficial because it provides fast amino acids, resulting in…

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  • Chocolate Milk Research Paper

    We need chocolate milk, chocolate milk gives us are three daily servings of dairy. Therefor dairy is important for kids that are still growing.I demand we have chocolate milk here at Nickels Intermediate. We need to have it at Nickels because chocolate milk has nutrients that we need. It's also better for you than sport drinks and soda, and chocolate milk taste better than white milk. Chocolate milk is packed with nutrients we need. For example chocolate milk has calcium in it. This is…

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  • Candy Land Essay

    Candy Land is a brand new, hydraulic steel roller coaster ride, using an abundant amount of modern technology, recently added to Hershey Park. Loops, a corkscrew around some delicious ice cream, and a 100 foot drop are all included in the ride. Not only is there scrumptious looking scenery, but also the roller coaster has an average speed of 60 miles per hour, and can reach speeds up to 85 miles per hour. If friction and gravity were not present during the ride all of the passengers would go…

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  • Polyfarm Summary

    Michael Pollan article refers to his experience on the Polyfarm and its complex way of operating. Pollan never really stats that factory farms should be abolished but he does make an argument for why Polyface farm is more logically and sustainable. Pollon discuses the differences between factory farming and Polyface farming in logic. Factory farming is production of a single animal or crop better know as monoculture (Pollon, 377). When there is a chicken factory farm it can only produce…

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  • Extra Peppermint Comparison

    Over 500 million people chew gum on a daily basis all over the world. From childhood all the way to adulthood, people have chewed millions pieces of gum. As time proceeds companies develop more in depth formulas to increase their consumers enjoyment. Many experiences have been documented and organized to see which gum is superior in different categories. Extra Peppermint is better than Dubble Bubble because of its quality and health benefits. The quality of Extra Peppermint is superior to…

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  • Beefmaster Research Paper

    resulted in many great discoveries and accomplishments and the beef industry was no exception. Prior to the Depression, beef farmer Ed Lasater began to introduce Brahman lines to his Hereford herd, in hopes of increasing heat and disease, stressing milk production. After he died, his son Tom Lasater began to combine the Brahman and Hereford cattle with some Shorthorn bulls. Lasater then began to combine the Brahman-Hereford and the Brahman-Shorthorn and this resulted in the first Beefmaster…

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  • Benefits Of Processed Sugar Essay

    When we were children, our favorite part of the day was dessert. We would do our best in class so that our teacher would reward us with a lollipop, we would help mom and dad with the dishes so our ice cream bowl would be filled to the edge, and we would do all of our homework so we could have a coke with our dinner. We were taught by society that processed sugar was a reward. We were raised on the idea that processed sugar was a treat that satisfied our wildest cravings. Little did we know that…

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  • Five Food Group Analysis

    which are needed for good health (Eat For Health, 2015). The five food groups include: Vegetables and legumes/beans Fruit Lean meat and poultry, eggs, tofu, fish, seeds, nuts, legumes and beans Breads, cereals, pasta, rice, noodles and other grains Milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives Foods are grouped together due to their similarities in regards to nutrients which they offer the consumer (Eat For Health, 2015) Below each of the five groups have been broken down and simplified:…

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  • Cows Informative Speech

    Today, most dairies across India produce milk processed from Jersey cows. Desi cows are apparently only to be worshiped, and so these animals can't be considered as cows; as these "holy" cows were originally bred from a wild animal named Urus. In Europe they was called Aurochs. People of Europe hunted this wild animal for it's quality and quantity of meat. But hunting this animal was getting difficult, so this wild animal was cross bred with other various animals along with the indigenous cows…

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