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  • Case Study Virgin Atlantic Diversification

    1980’s was a good example of this as it came about at a time when great customer service was a rare quality in the airline industry. The industry which was instead overwhelmed by cancelled flights, delays and lost baggage. Virgin’s internal capability of providing an excellent customer experience throughout its existing companies offered an advantage that would be hard for competing airlines to reproduce – and therefore potential to charge a price premium for a superior…

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  • Southwest Airlines CSR Case Study

    Southwest Airlines: CSR In this era of globalization, sustainable development, ethical business practices and Corporate Social Responsibility is the need of the hour. Perhaps the best example of a contemporary organization that has used these principles effectively is Southwest Airlines. McGee-Cooper, Trammell, & Looper (2008) describes how Colleen Barrett, a leader at Southwest works passionately with her followers by holding herself accountable to their needs and creating a supportive…

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  • Airline Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

    “The Industry Handbook: The Airline Industry” could not put the aspect of the airline industry better. There is a lot of competition on airline market. During the recent years there were some events that were no good for this industry therefore it affected the domestic and international services. Before most of the airline industry was owned by government and it still is in many countries but all of major airlines in U.S. had become privet. The substantial impact on airline industry has route…

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  • Southwest Airlines Swot Analysis

    customer service. In August 2009, Southwest Airlines won the top spot for the fourth year in a row in Logistic Management Magazine’s “Quest for Quality” awards, for which it earned the highest scores in the Ontime Performance, Value, and Customer Service categories (“Southwest Airlines Cargo Earns 2009 Quest for Quality Award,” 2009). Southwest has scored higher than the overall weighted industry for 13 consecutive years, as well (“Southwest Airlines Cargo Earns 2009 Quest for Quality Award,”…

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  • Easyjet Swot Analysis

    hour’s drive of an EasyJet airport, the number is more than any other airline. Culture, Vision and Values Culture EasyJet has a strong, distinct and high performance culture. They…

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  • Mas Airlines Case Study

    Malaysia has being ranked as a 5-Star airline among the most exclusive group of world airlines by the aviation rating organisation, SKYTRAX after MAS Airlines on par with Singapore Airlines and above Thai Airways and Air Asia. The organisation has ranked with just four other airlines in the world, fortunately, MAS airlines are one of it with their strong product and quality services. Malaysia Airline also fully owned 94 fleet of total of Boeing and Airbus that has constantly created and…

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  • Essay On Ski Rossendale

    Positioning There are many different types of positioning strategies Ski Rossendale can use such as position by price/ quality; position by user or position by attributes or benefits. Position by price/ quality:- Find out how our expert essay writers can help you with your work... Currently Ski Rossendale charges one of the lowest price of all its competitors regarding use of the slopes. As some people think that extreme sports are expensive, the low prices can be a selling point in…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines Case Study Brittany Sogge July 15, 2014 MKT5302 Marketing Analysis Summer 2014 Instructor Dr. Werema Virtual Campus Wayland Baptist University Southwest Airlines On June 18, 1971 Southwest Airlines began flying to three cities between Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Southwest’s initial focus was flights less than 500 miles, point-to-point flights, and a fleet consisting only of Boeing 737s, high frequency flights, low fares, and no international flights (p. 258).…

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  • Case Study Of Cathay Pacific Airline

    Cathay Pacific Airline was founded in 1946, standing with their vision: To become the world’s best airline wouldn’t be achievable without the commitment of our people (, 2015). Cathay Pacific Airline then named as Cathay Pacific Airways, and becomes one of the world’s leading airlines (, 2015). To maintain this position, the commitment of employees becomes to be the origin issue, where job satisfaction helps to determine the degree of commitment of…

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  • London Heathrow Airport Case Study

    architect Fredrick Gibberd was appointed for designing permanent buildings of the airport.  There was a passenger terminal called the Europa building and an office building called the Queens building.  In 1961, the old terminal was closed and the airlines operated from Europa terminal which was later named as terminal 2 or the oceanic terminal now named as terminal 3. Terminal 1; in 1969, terminal 1 was opened and by that time 5 billion passengers were passing through the Heathrow airport. In…

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