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  • Revenue Management In The American Airline Industry

    in the 1970s and practised mainly within the airline industry, also known as airline yield management (Cross, Higbie, & Cross., 2009). Smith (1992) described revenue management as “selling the right seats to the right customers at the right price” (as cited in Schuessler, 2010). In the late 1980s, the hotel industry adopted this practice from the airline industry, with a similar objective to increase revenue. The implementation of RM by American Airline, which achieved an increment of US$1.4…

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  • Harrier Jet Case Study

    The legal issue in this circumstance is of the contract and its validity. The first factor to consider is to determine if a contract even exists. The drink company implied, through a commercial advertisement that if an individual earned seven million company points, they would be rewarded with a jet. It needs to be determined if this was an offer made in the advertisement. The individual saw this commercial and did, in fact, reach the 7 million company points. He then wrote to the company and…

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  • Southwest Airlines Culture Case Study

    Southwest airlines have long been a successful airline company and has landed top ten in FORTUNES most admired companies multiple years in a row. Southwest is widely known for sticking to their original success formula that consists of serving no meals (only snacks), charging no fees to change same-fare tickets, consisting of no assigned seating, it has no electronic entertainment on their planes, simply relying on persistently fun/outgoing flight attendants to entertain their passengers. One…

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  • Porter's 5 Forces Airline Industry

    profit. Some businesses use airlines for business-related trips while others use them to ship different items. Individuals mainly use airlines for leisure purposes or for emergencies. Whatever the reason may be, airlines prove to be a necessity for buyers because they are fast, efficient, and convenient. Although airlines do have all of those traits, there is not much product differentiation throughout the industry. No matter what flight one takes, all of the airlines are still very similar.…

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  • Business Strategy Case Study: Delta Airline Industry

    of first class tickets. They both are known as a “premier” airline with the ability to offer high-quality service. As of January 2018, Delta had a market capitalization of $42 billion and reported FY 2017 revenue of 41.2 billion; it is one of the highest performers in the sector over the last five years. But United is the founding member of Star alliance, which is comprised of 27 different airlines, totaling more than 22.5 billion and quarterly earns of 9.9 billion. This place United as the…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Delta Airlines

    Within Delta Airlines, the stakeholders are employees, government officials, suppliers, and customers. Delta Airlines’ Directors are responsible monitoring the performances of management, while being loyal to the company’s standards. Under the guidance of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) are managers, officers, and employees (Corporate Governance, 2012). Delta’s Market Strategy Within the airline industries, the most useful marketing tool has been the frequent flier program. In the early…

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  • Role Of A Flight Attendant

    time that needs to be respected. Additionally, flight attendants need sufficient time to get all of their checks done and attend the pre-flight briefing. The flight attendant is the face of the airline and as such, should be properly groomed, at all times, adhering to the rules for grooming, of the airline. Uniforms should not be worn while doing any off duty activities, in the streets or during stopovers. The flight attendant has primary duties and secondary duties, in effect, prioritization…

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  • Air27 Case Study

    PROBLEM DEFINITION AND JUSTIFICATION Air27 is a airline company which is operating on routes all over Europe. This airline company provides the lowest cost for the passengers travelling compared to their other competitors. The company is very profitable in terms of revenue and the passengers travelling per year. The passengers travelling in this airlines per year are 30 million and the total revenue is approximately over two billion euros. After having a lot of revenue the company is facing a…

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  • Singapore Airline Swot Analysis

    1.0 Introduction Singapore Airlines (SIA) is a widely known airline in the world. According to world ranking 2014, SIA was ranked as second best airline. It has been in this airline industry for 43 years, a long period for a baby boy to grow into an adult man and it shown how well-experienced is Singapore Airline. A drive for Singapore Airline is keeping the right objectives all the time – customer satisfaction. With customer satisfaction grow, SIA gain more loyal customers and allows it be…

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  • Emirates Airlines Case Analysis

    Introduction Emirates Airlines is an international airline carter that introduced itself into the airline industry on 25th October 1985, in that same year it also took its first routes out of Dubai with only two aircrafts, a leased Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4. Ever since its startup, the company’s goal has been kept true of favoring quality over quantity, and over the years since taking those baby steps onto the travel industry, Emirates airline as a company has grew into a globally…

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