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  • Tale Of Two Airlines Analysis

    Analysis of “A Tale of Two Airlines” “A Tale of Two Airlines” is a short article written by Christopher Elliot. Elliot, a well-known author and journalist, writes for National Geographic Traveler, MSNBC, Tribune Media Services and the Washington Post and is an experienced traveler. “A Tale of Two Airlines” was published in National Geographic Traveler in the December 2012/ January 2013 issue, which is significant because these months are very busy months in terms of travel. People fly…

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  • Jetblue Crisis Case Study

    avid Neeleman founded the Airlines in 1999, and the airline was considered as the first “mega start-up” applicant in the nation with $130 million in equity capital (JetBlue, 2012). Its maiden flight took off in February 2000, by the end of that year, more than one million passengers flew with the airline (JetBlue, 2011). Before the crisis, among low-cost airlines JetBlue is ranked high in on-board customer satisfaction and on-time flight, more so, the airline was well-known for its…

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  • Pest Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines founded in 1967 by Rollin and Herb Kelleher is one of the largest airline in US.Its headquarters in the Texas, US which started its service in 1971. They are running in profit continuously for 41 years from 1973-2014.There core values are  South west customers are king for them  Providing short point to point service without or no hub connection.  Providing the highest customer service and giving them free and equal treatment to all.  Building friendly & cordial…

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  • Indigo Airlines Swot Analysis

    BUSINESS MODEL Indigo Business model Indigo is India’s fastest growing domestic airlines. It has the highest load factor of 89.40%. The mission statement of indigo clearly indicates their business model: To be the best airline in India by providing the following values to the customer: • Affordable fares • On-time performance • Hassle-free service The strengths of Indigo include: Business Model, High Brand Awareness, Cost Leadership, innovation, Age of Equipment, etc. Indigo has Low Cost, not…

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  • AVSECO Case Study

    It is due to the development of the industries benefited from 3RS. The whole aviation industry such as airlines, ground handling agents, cargo operators, aircraft maintenance, catering and etc… will be extending their services and recruiting more employees in all ranks. It will further put pressure on AVSECO in terms of staff retention as well as recruitment…

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  • London Heathrow Airport Research Paper

    London Heathrow Airport or Heathrow is the major International Airport in London, United Kingdom. By International passenger traffic, Heathrow is the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic, also busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic and the seventh busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic. In 2016, it handled 75.7 million passengers. Heathrow is one of six airports with scheduled services serving in London area. Heathrow is owned and…

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  • Seatac Persuasive Speech

    More Canadians than ever seem to prefer flying out of U. S. airports to reach their destinations. This is largely due to the cost efficiency of catching a flight from a facility such as SeaTac Airport instead of a Canadian airport. If you are driving to SeaTac to catch a flight, you probably wish to find a parking facility with affordable rates, and you’ll certainly want to be sure that your car is left in a safe place. Like countless fellow Canadians, you may well appreciate the low prices,…

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  • Southwest Airlines Culture: A Case Study

    Introduction This paper will focus on some key factors for Southwest Airlines culture which is the reason it continues to soar in the air and also within the airline business. The organization focused on the authenticity from every employee and also requires employees to focus on taking care of people, originality and enjoyment. Also, the upper echelon leadership of Southwest Airlines orchestrated a culture that helped sustain its success from year to year with continuous training programs,…

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  • Southwest Airlines Pricing Strategy

    Current Situation The airline industry is an intense and highly competitive market. Everyday millions of consumers travel and each airline both national and international compete for sales revenue, in fact, each airline has developed and evolved to sustain in this volatile industry. For Southwest Airline to capitalize in this market and steadily maintain their sales, they have procured a niche market. The company has positioned itself as a low fare cost leader in air transportation service. On…

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  • Etihad Airways Case Study

    Etihad airway is one of the most successful airlines as it has already been recognized as the World’s leading airline three times consecutively. The success of Etihad airways just established within just ten years as is recognized as one of the fast growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation. The airline was founded in July 2003 by the Royal (Amiri) decree and started its operations on November 2003. They are known to be the national airlines of United Arab Emirates with their head…

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