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  • Case Study: United Airline

    discounts. United Airline has utilized social media to its advantage and has created a good presence in the platform. On twitter, United Airlines has 644,000 followers, has over 64,000 instagram followers and has 779,746 likes on Facebook. The company uses these platforms to advertise and promote its brand to maximize its revenue. The platforms are used to get feedback from customers. With the utilization of social media, United has grown to be an internationally known airline. Additionally,…

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  • Delta Airlines Competitor Analysis Essay

    Competitor Analysis Competitor Profile Southwest Airlines has three very close competitors which are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Delta Airlines is an American airlines with its headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta is the sixth-oldest operating airline by foundation date, and the oldest airline still operating in the United States. Delta's brand campaign, “Keep Climbing” is a declaration of the company's commitment to making flying better and a celebration of where…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Air Safety

    2001, many people are still cautious and hesitant about flying. This event caused many people to fear that they could also be hi-jacked. The airline security changed and was much stricter than what it was before. People were only allowed certain items to be carried on board; the limit on the items on carry-on bags must be within 10x16x24 inches for most airlines, security checks became stricter and took more time. This also led to a war on terrorism which is still going on…

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  • Jet Airways Case Study

    COMPARISON Jet Airways (India) Limited is also one of the companies that provide air transportation. Jet Airways is an airline based in Mumbai, India. Jet Airways Ltd is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange which is known as BSE on December 2004. BSE is an Indian Stock Exchange which Jet Airways Ltd is one of the companies that listed in BSE. Comparison between AirAsia Berhad and Jet Airways Ltd with same ratios to determine the companies between each other: GROSS PROFIT MARGIN: Gross profit…

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  • Singlobal Case Study

    1.0 Introduction – Juney Singlobal started off as a regional airline with a full economy class facility which gradually venture into business class as technology allow fleets to fly further and more facilities in the fleet. (to incl ratio of economy and biz class?) Singlobal first started off with Korea serving as the main airport. The airline adopted the “hub-and-spoke” business strategy to route their plane traffic. With this strategy in plan, a central airport that flights will be routed…

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  • Flight Vs Invisibility Essay

    ' it is widely believed that' flight is way better than invisibility, I ask myself what is the word "flight" and what is the word "invisibility". My definition of the word "flight", is having the ability to move quickly above ground. On the other hand, my definition of the word invisibility is having the ability to become transparent. If someone asks me what ' superpower you rather have, flight or invisibility'? With no thought in mind, I would strongly…

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  • Airline Industry Analysis

    matter the reason, air traveling carries direct and indirect expense and cost to the industry and customers. Some direct cost to the air industry is labor and fuel. Both variables can cause ticket prices to increase or decrease depending on how each airline company decides to allocate their profits. Many people may think if fuel premiums are down, ticket charges should drop as well. However, there is more to consider besides the cost of fuel. Labor and maintenance is not cheap. Such as any…

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  • Flybe International Marketing Case Study

    further loss of infrastructural support. • Imitation of offering some ruffle highlights which are offered by the conventional airlines could be impeding for the organization. • Flybe has an immediate rivalry with the cost of the railroads, it makes it powerless for request and supply conditions in the traveler advertise. • Cost cutting systems by the majority of the well known airlines in the aggressive courses may influence traveler volumes in the developing markets. • Increase in the fuel…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Aircraft

    Some of the most obvious and positive effects of aircraft are increasing the driving speed, reduction of travel time, warfare methods, commercial effects, the development of aeronautics, the jobs created by the construction of aircraft and aerospace industry, it promotes business and rapid trade and makes it much easier to transport goods and products to remote locations. A drive that normally takes 6 hours takes about 80 minutes via airplane. It makes the world more allies and globalized by…

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  • Sky High Airlines Case Study Essay

    The present assignment is related to the case to the case study of SKY- HIGH airlines. Sky-High Airlines (SHA) is a transnational company, owner of small airline companies in different countries and focus on providing Luxury travel at a premium price; although recent pressure of the competition has force them to rethink their corporate strategy. One of the present objectives of the CEO and Board of Director is to reduce their operational cost, in order to keep their position in the market.…

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