Role Of A Flight Attendant

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The roles of the flight attendant fall into two categories, primary roles ( safety, emergency and first aid) and the secondary roles (the comfort of the passenger). The crew is responsible for the overall safety and security of the aircraft and passengers. Flight attendants have to constantly check the aircraft before, during and after departure. The checks include the seats, the lavatory, the cabin and storage, among others. They also have to constantly check on the passengers, in case there is any emergency, medical or otherwise. In the event that there is a medical emergency, the entire crew is trained in first aid skills, in order to assist any passenger. The flight attendant will serve food and drink to the passengers and attend to their needs as requested, with a friendly disposition.

As a member of a flight crew you will begin as a Flight Attendant. Above this level, you have the Senior Crew Member, then the Purser, then the Chief Purser. The Chief Purser is the most senior crew member, as it relates to experience. There are certain ground staff that the crew interacts with. Two roles of the ground staff that
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The flight has a departure time that needs to be respected. Additionally, flight attendants need sufficient time to get all of their checks done and attend the pre-flight briefing. The flight attendant is the face of the airline and as such, should be properly groomed, at all times, adhering to the rules for grooming, of the airline. Uniforms should not be worn while doing any off duty activities, in the streets or during stopovers. The flight attendant has primary duties and secondary duties, in effect, prioritization and task management should ensure that the primary duties are put first. Despite this fact, secondary duties are still important, which is the reason for the C.R.M. Good customer service is important to the continued success and preference of a particular

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