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  • Example Of Scholarship Essay

    Ya’ah’teeh, Shi ei Shaniah Morning Star Chee yinishye. I am a first semester Freshman at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated from Monument Valley High School located on on the Navajo Reservation off Monument Valley, Utah. I have been very involved with extracurricular activities in high school such as Upward Bound, Gear-Up, Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), cross country, basketball manager, performing arts, track & field, and Student Council…

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  • Gerontology Scholarship Essay

    When deciding on where to apply for my Gerontology degree, I chose USC Davis School of Gerontology because it is a very prestigious program that offers an exceptional education. An interesting fact that caught my attention of the campus is the diversity of ethnicities, sex, and age. Having a diverse campus develops social cultural awareness and promotes creative thinking. USC is a good fit for my goals because with the dual degree program I will able to pursue a Masters of Science in Gerontology…

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  • Prairie Meadows Scholarship Essay

    The Prairie Meadows Scholarship would help me pursue an education that would prepare me to succeed on any career path. I plan to go to DMACC and earn my Associates of Arts degree. I know this degree will be a good foundation when I decide what specific career I want to pursue. I know at this time that I’m interested in pursuing a career related to social issues in our world. I know that with any degree I will need the general classes offered in an AA degree. I am hoping while going to school…

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  • Example Of A Scholarship Essay

    I have been living for 50 years so far, a milestone I would like to remember forever. Blessed to have been born in a modest family with hardworking parents Celestino and Estrella. They made sure that me and my other 3 siblings Ate Lita, Kuya Perry and Bobby have roof in our heads, food in the table, clothes to wear, school to attend, protected us and kept us safe all the time. My parents taught us the value of close knit loving family. Bisaya is my first spoken dialect was born in Ozamis City…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Scholarship Money

    do... It’s called using what you’ve got” Mrs. Stephenson, a Frankford High School culinary teacher, explains how she is delighted that her students use the culinary skills she taught them—despite their chaotic homelife situations—to try to win scholarship money to pay for college. The documentary Pressure Cooker features a group of Frankford High School students from Northeast Philadelphia who are competing to win up to eighty-thousand dollars each in order to pay for their college tuition. Many…

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  • Five Year Scholarship Essay

    working for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, possibly sociology. With my average never going below an eighty I will be able to obtain at least a $4000 dollar scholarship which will help pay for tuition. It is easily obtainable to keep my average at this point or higher to keep my scholarship for future years. Not only are the scholarships ideal but both majors are great backgrounds for going into teaching as they will enable me to work more closely with the learning disabled. Currently I am…

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  • I Want To Pursue A Scholarship

    “What are my career plans? To graduate from college with a degree in something I love and get a job to earn lots of money for my family.” “Why am I applying for this a scholarship? I am applying because college is expensive and I don’t have much money and need it to pay for college.” “Leadership and service accomplishments? I have plenty of those, was an officer of six clubs and numerous community service hours helping (insert group or cause here) and have awards from the principal and the…

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  • The Importance Of Men's Athletic Scholarships

    Especially, in the world of sports which is undoubtedly male dominated. When it comes to college there is one revelation that will and has taken years to change. An athletic scholarship is something every young athlete desires during their middle school and high school years. From basketball- soccer, an athletic scholarship can be gained by hard work and with integrity. Many men & women participate in these sports. Yet, one simple fact, that has still…

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  • Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Essay

    The knights of Columbus should consider me, Emily Rosales for this scholarship since my utmost aspiration is to follow the mission that God has given to me by helping my neighbors with dignity and respect. My mission began as an altar server when I received my first Holy Communion “The Body of Christ” at Holy Cross Catholic Church in 2009. Then as an usher which lasted for a year volunteered in the EDGE program for three years, and participated in the Vacation bible study for a week during…

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  • Nurse Scholarship Essay

    Caring for others has always been an important part of my personal and professional aspirations. Being a born nurturer gives me an advantage and the drive to serve my community in the best way possible; by becoming a nurse. I have known nursing was my calling for a majority of my life. However, it has taken a culmination of life experiences to see that I embody all of the characteristics needed to be a great nurse. These experiences also helped me develop the confidence needed to complete one…

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