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    Scholarship Essay I am applying for this scholarship because it will greatly assist me in purchasing needed resources for college. I am a first generation college student, as well as non-traditional. I attempted going to college a few times when I was younger but truth be told I wasn’t ready so I dropped out. I guess I had to learn the hard way that getting an education was both beneficial and necessary in order to get ahead in life. I am at wits end with entry-level jobs. At this point in my…

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  • Nursing Scholarship Essay

    Ever since I was little, working in the medical field was always a goal. I remember being about six years old and playing doctor with all of my cousins. I would always be the doctor and care to their wounds. One specific memory I can recall, happened when my cousin had a “broken arm”. Taking all my tools out, I began my work. After doing the full interview about how she broke her arm, I wrapped her arm with a compression wrap. My cousin’s arm was saved and I was proud of my work. I sat there…

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  • Somos Scholarship Essay

    Do you remember being so young yet so bold that you would tell everyone around you the wonderful things you were going to accomplish once you were an adult? In my case, I would go around revealing that I was going to become the president of the united states or a teacher because my teacher, at the time, didn’t teach accordingly to what I wanted. Currently, as I am nearing the end of my high school career, I flash back to those fearless moments wondering where everyone, including myself, put…

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  • Senior Scholarship Essay

    very thankful to senior forum that I learned this before I entered college and had to find this out thousands of dollars later. Although being undecided on my profession was a scary thought in the financial department, I now know how to fill out scholarships and loans in order to make the higher education process more affordable. Senior forum has also…

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  • Admissions Essay For Scholarship

    In my opinion, leadership, scholarship, and service all have one thing in common. They aren’t meant for everyone and they definitely don’t come easy. I believe that each and every day I exhibit these three qualities in my work, my personality, and my studies. First and foremost, I have taken many roles in college that exude how much of a leader I am and can be. In the Texas Tech Lions club, there has not been a semester that has passed by that I haven’t served as an officer. In my first two…

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  • Scholarship Essay For Refugees

    Winning this scholarship will enable me to finish my dreams of becoming a nurse in order to utilize my knowledge and proper techniques to provide effective healthcare to refugee; most importantly, the necessary educations on the use of herbal treatments in order to prevent…

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  • Band Scholarship Essay

    Thank you for the scholarship. I am Mandy Schreiner and I go to JL Mann High School. I’m in 10th grade and take all honors and one AP class. I play flute in the school band and outside of school in marching band, I take Spanish 4 Honors. My favorite class is band and my least favorite is Engineering. I like to listen to music and hang out with friends in my freetime I like to cook when I can and practice cello and flute. I also enjoy playing cymbals in winter percussion. I don’t like doing…

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  • Jewish Scholarship History

    Prior to the year 500 A.D. Jewish scholarship was largely based on oral tradition. Rabbis and scholars would discuss the Torah and debate its meanings and teachings and produced no major written works to outline their conclusions. However after the destruction of the Jewish Commonwealth and the fall of the Second Temple in the year 70 A.D. Jewish norms and ideals were in upheaval. This destabilization of a collective Jewish code of conduct lead to Jewish leadership beginning to using written…

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  • Essay On Non Traditional Scholarship

    many people don't have the money to return to school. They often struggle to make ends meet with the costs of pursuing an education. Scholarships for nontraditional students can help bridge the financial gap and help a non-traditional student advance their career with business scholarships. Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund There are quite a few scholarships for women who want to return to school later in their life. It's never to late to obtain an education to further your career.…

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  • Scholarship Application Essay

    A career in cancer research has been my objective since before I entered college. My extensive personal experiences with this disease have deeply impacted my goals and aspirations as both a scientist and as a student. Unlike many undergraduates, I have accumulated an extensive amount of research experience during my undergraduate career, working to answer a broad range of biological questions. These diverse experiences have directly impacted my decision to pursue a graduate degree in immunology,…

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