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Bismarck High School
Faculty and Staff Scholarship

Throughout our lives we are influenced by many things. Some we notice and some come in and go out of our lives without us noticing at all. This does not lessen their impact on who we become. Here I have written about the big things that I know have changed the person I am and my influenced my love for my community. These are the things that have changed me and set me on the course that now guides me forward. My experiences with my education, family, clubs, and church have helped me become a better citizen and member of my community. The things that I have written about are the most important things in my life. One of the biggest influences on my life has been my education. Education can be a way to become a better person through a deeper knowledge of the world, one’s self, and others. For me education has done this and caused me to be a more driven person. Everyday I strive to excel and better myself in the classes I take, and this drive has translated into my everyday life as well. I have tried to lead others by the example I set when efficiently completing tasks. I work hard at every small task I complete because my high school education has shown me how tasks interlock and eventually result in an undeniable payout. My
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I find that my foundation is in my family, in the fact that they always support me and are there through everything. My parents have always been there and have always been teaching me. They make every opportunity a chance to learn and try new things to better myself and gain experience. My entire family stands by me and guides me on my progress toward success in my endeavors and is unified. With this unity I have learned to always stand by the people around me and how working together can strengthen each individual. From them all, I have learned countless lessons in kindness and

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