Essay On Free College Tuition

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Although, a free college tuition may sound amazing to have, nonetheless, their will be some down-sided, taxes will increase, less demand for higher education jobs, and the loss of money and time. A free tuition may sound nice , it has many con’s to one pro.

One of the problems with a free college tuition, is that the federal government would have to fund a free college education. Meaning that the taxes of the national population will be increased a substantial amount.The federal government will have to pay approximately sixty-two billion dollars. As a result, this money will come out of tax payers. People already complain about taxes, their will be much more to complain about with another tax ratified. Society may think that with an increase of student’s attending college; since it would be free, their would be more of a demand for higher education jobs. However, it would be the complete opposite. Higher education jobs would become a first come first serve style, and the job occupations will start to decrease; we cant have everyone being doctor’s and lawyers. Although, for jobs that don’t necessarily require any sort of education would
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If the federal government subsidized everyone’s college education, we (college students) would lose our scholarships that we worked hard for. The federal government would also end up losing. For the main reason that almost everyone is going to want to attend college; just for the heck of it. These people will only be taking up space, time and money from the federal government. The final reason, as to why college should not be free is

A free college tuition sounds nice at first, but when you look into it and gather information it doesn’t sound all that nice. Especially when it will affect mostly everyone in a negative and financial way. For these stated reasons, a college tuition should cost some amount of money no college should be

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