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  • David Widdifield: A Short Story

    On April 23, 1985 Lori Greene and David Widdifield were officially husband and wife. On April 25, 1985 David left for basic training. After only two short days the newlyweds were torn apart and thrust into a new way of life. They had no idea how much these fifteen weeks would impact the rest of their lives. They had no idea that this brand new would lead them down a path to a wonderful exciting future. The infantry basic life consists of long days and short nights for new recruits. By 4:00 A.M…

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  • Symbolism In The Platoon

    Platoon is the first film written and directed by Stone that can be used to examine and explain his thesis and perception towards the Vietnam War. In this film, Stone gives a generalized few of the Vietnam War but uses a lot of symbolism. In the “Platoon” Stone depicts the Vietnam War as having been quite gruesome and deadly (Richman, p. 45). This description, contrary to what the world was made to believe, is in fact, the truth about the war, according to Stone. However, some Vietnam veterans,…

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  • Army Officer Reflective Essay

    While at the same time not to be hesitant to voice my own opinion and plan because my plan just might be what the mission needed in order to be completed successfully. My biggest strength while being at CLC was the amount of trust I put into my platoon and squad when in leadership. It takes time for me to be able to trust someone but I stepped out of my comfort zone and trusted everyone to do their part. Everyone was there for the same reason, which was to better our skills so I expected nothing…

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  • Point Of Views In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    and he himself- “…would get their shit together, and keep it together… (O 'Brien)”, further demonstrating his determination to prevent history from repeating itself. The narrator does a brilliant job of showing the reader the struggles of Cross’ platoon, conveying the feeling of both being there as another soldier, and as an omniscient chronicler where no detail or fact is spared;…

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  • The Fireman's Wife Short Story Essay

    The short stories, “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien and “The Fireman’s Wife” by Richard Bausch have resonated with me after reading them this semester. I am able to draw similarities from what I’ve read and associate them with the story. Doing so made what I read capture my full attention and transport me into the story. Also, I discovered and tackled flaws in my own character in the process. I found both of these short stories to have been thought provoking and an interesting read as…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Correctional Officer

    When I first started my career at The Department of Corrections (CDCR) in Chino, California, I had no idea that my decision to become a Correctional Officer would be one of the worst career choices of my life. One day, in particular, made this abundantly clear. One single day would challenge my ethical viewpoint, and without a doubt instill that no profession is worth my soul and making the appropriate ethical decision can be a traumatic experience. It all started when I arrived to work on that…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Platoon

    America’s involvement; the Vietnam war, even from its onset is one that has held a contentious point of division among many in America. Platoon is a film that that attempts to give an accurate depiction of the Vietnam conflict to a largely unknowing and divided audience, both at the time of the war and during the period of the film’s release in 1986. Platoon uses the narration of…

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  • Platoon Leader Analysis

    LT McDonough Leadership assessment The book Platoon Leader provides a wide range of leadership situations and challenges. LT McDonough was, as a rule, very successful in dealing with intellectually challenging problems. His interpersonal tact left much to be desired and even his resilience was nearly broken down. Overall, he led his platoon very well and successfully. One of McDonough’s strongest leadership abilities was his intellect. He was able to analyze problems and implement effective…

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  • Platoons Pros And Cons

    in the military. In the study, co-ed platoons consisting roughly of one-fourth females faced realistic challenges which platoons on the front lines may face in combat. When the results of the co-ed platoons were compared to the performances of the all-male platoons, the platoons with females did not perform as effectively (“Marine Corps Study”). The Marine Corps explained that women were more prone to injuries in these activities; as well as, the co-ed platoons were not able to carry out the…

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  • Platoon Film Analysis

    America’s involvement at all because they were not directly involved in the war, causing citizens and soldier to be unsure of their reason for fighting and not aware of the actual struggles and difficulties that came along with war. In the movie Platoon, directed by Vietnam War veteran Oliver Stone, the main character Chris Taylor, is a soldier in the Vietnam War and his experience symbolize the real experiences of a soldier in the Vietnam…

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