David Widdifield: A Short Story

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On April 23, 1985 Lori Greene and David Widdifield were officially husband and wife. On April 25, 1985 David left for basic training. After only two short days the newlyweds were torn apart and thrust into a new way of life. They had no idea how much these fifteen weeks would impact the rest of their lives. They had no idea that this brand new would lead them down a path to a wonderful exciting future. The infantry basic life consists of long days and short nights for new recruits. By 4:00 A.M. they are up and ready to face the day. The recruits have physical training (P.T.) at 4:30. P.T. was two hours of push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and then a five mile run. By the time they finish P.T and clean up the battalion is ready for …show more content…
He was 5 feet 10 inches tall, so he was moderately short. He was in his twenties, which was younger than the other sergeants. He was a very arrogant drill sergeant. My dad says “He was not very tall, so he would only other people. He used his rank as leverage.” Franklin never taught anything, he only did drill and ceremony. He was irresponsible, and contradicted himself. One of my dad’s least favorite memories with a drill sergeant includes Franklin. It was the week of graduation, in time of have come down and stayed in a hotel. My dad had gotten a day pass from Taylor that let him go and visit her. A day pass was a permission slip that let soldiers leave, off of the base, for 4 hours. When Taylor left for the day, my dad had to go to Franklin and show him the pass. As my dad approached Franklin he could tell he had been drinking because of the smell. My dad show to Franklin in the pass, but the drunken drill sergeant didn’t care. He said “I don’t care what Taylor said. I am in charge, and you can’t use the pass. If your wife wants to see you, she can come to the company break room for half an hour.” My mom was already on her way, and when she arrived my dad left with her. He was technically AWOL, although he was already approved. This was the only time that he ever broke regulation. He was gone for exactly 4 hours, and then he came back. He was never

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