Essay On Military Basic Training

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United States Army Basic Training
The United States Army currently has an estimated amount of 500,000 plus people enlisted for active duty, disregarding the millions of men before. They all have completed the same process after enlistment, basic combat training. Basic combat training is the different phases that each civilian goes through to become a United States Army soldier. Basic training, or boot camp is a preparation period that helps common people train their bodies for what they may endure while fighting for the country. There is a lot of physical and mental preparation that needs to be done. Boot camp is a difficult process that requires a lot of perseverance. The recruits will complete three different phases then graduate in order to become an official soldier. Those who join will need to be ready for all the obstacles that they will undergo. These potential soldiers will need determination as well as strength to finish their service term. “Currently, over 40 percent of
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After the accumulate knowledge of handling weapons, grenades and how to properly use their resources the soldiers will complete the final phases of the physical training tests. The course and training will become immensely harder during this phase. The road marches become hectic and developing into ten kilometer walks with full gear on. The soldiers will also complete the three day field day exercises (FTX). This will lead to harder missions and team efforts. The third night consists of the Night Infiltration Course. This is where recruits learn how to fire weapons during the dark, and react to different unpredictable missions. “Because being a soldier is potentially an extremely hazardous job, recruits must demonstrate extreme aggression and fearlessness, tempered by intelligence and common sense,”(Blue). Once the recruits pass the final phase they will move on to graduation

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