Personal Narrative: My First Major Mission

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My first major mission, a young 18 year old, the lead gunner behind a M240B as the first line of defense for our platoon; would soon be a situation that left an imprint in my life and has forever changed how I now lead as an NCO. This mission took place in 2007 near the city of Ad Dawr, Iraq. The mission was complex but my orders were simple, protect the convoy and provide security. The main objective was to expose and detain (if possible) a cell leader to include destroying his know cache point. Although the mission it-self went rather well a series of events would soon unravel and would give me a new perspective on how stress and a very political time in the war would make even the best of leaders fold under pressure.

Knee Jerk Reaction During the summer of 2007 near Ad Dawr, Iraq, our company was given a mission to detain a high value target, and to find and destroy a large cache within the same provided location. At the time I was a fairly new specialist, with all the motivation in the world. My individual task was to man the lead trucks M240B, in order to provide security during movement and during the actual mission itself. Upon completion of a
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I was apologized to, from my platoon sergeant and the rest of the chain of command. My platoon sergeant briefly stated that he had made a major mistake on the actions that he had taken towards me and how he thought that I had accidentally shot him. He stated that his actions were inexcusable and would no longer jump to conclusions, until fully understanding the situation and how it had come to be. Only been in theater for about three months this situation scarred everyone in the company with the thought of how the Army and our chain of command was out to get us and in-order to react to a hostile situation something bad had to happen

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