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  • The Man He Killed And Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    Man” (in the title) that was killed was actually the same person who “He” killed; forever taking away this poor soldier’s personality and emotions. Similarly to The Man He Killed, O’Brien’s, “The Things They Carried” focuses on confusion within the platoon. After an eventful firefight, “they would touch their bodies, feeling shame, then quickly hiding it. They would force themselves to stand”(O’Brien, 355). O’Brien is telling us, the reader, that these soldiers are literally confused as to if…

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  • Racial Transition Between Black And White Soldiers In The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War is quite unique in the sense that until the war in Iraq, this was one of the most well documented wars in human history. There is a wealth of logistical reports, video recordings, news articles, etc. that illustration extensive amounts of details. This war has been taught to school students for generations and has been examined, extensively from numerous angles. However, despite being relatively recent, few major textbooks include information from the men that actually…

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  • Cause Of War By Bao Ninh: Summary

    about soldiers turning to superstition during the war by the way he portrays soldiers lives and deaths as having a deeper meaning than war, and Kiens thoughts both during and post war. The deaths having a deeper meaning is shown when Kiens entire platoon was killed. Kiens thoughts towards what kept him safe during the war, and his father's death show his superstitious thinking. Bao Ninh opens the book by talking about Kien collecting the remains of fallen soldiers while he reminisces about…

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  • Kateb Al Hari Character Analysis

    Through such circumstances, the novel details both Dodges past working for the Marines Road Repair Platoon and his present as a student trying to escape his circumstances, all while redefining how Dodge views his own form of security. In redefining security, the novel alludes that security does not come from a “broad” form of military nor government but…

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  • Guilt In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    hope of them being together, knowingly distracting him from his duties as leader of his platoon. Not only did Lieutenant Cross carry a pebble, he also had a picture of her in the bottom of his knapsack, to keep him mentally grounded. By having her presence on him, he is able to imaginatively drift off into thought where they can be together back in New Jersey. While being distracted by the pebble, one of his platoon mates, Ted Lavender died. This causes Cross to believe that it has not only his…

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  • Army Reflective Essay

    SFC Greene did everything, from preparing his uniform to marksmanship at the range, paying extremely close attention to detail. As we learned to march as a platoon, SFC Greene stressed the importance of taking pride in marching correctly. He explained marching correctly was how we, as new Soldiers, begin to learn attention to detail; that paying attention to detail would carry us further in our profession.…

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  • The Vietnam Generation Summary

    The Vietnam was an unusual time for the Americans. It was not really agreed upon by all the citizens to go to war with Vietnam. Not all the people agreed with all the decisions whether it is the tactics that were used or all the deaths that occurred. As Young points out in her article, she talks about how terrible the conditions were and its after effects that it has had on those that served (515). She also discusses how it is hard to imagine what happened. It might be due to the fact of…

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  • Reflection On Impoverished Management

    In the next few years, I will have the opportunity to become a platoon officer with the Bathurst Fire Department. Sooner or later, I know I will have to deal with a situation similar to Norm Crosby. According to Blake and Mouton’s Management Grid, I already know what it feels like to be in the “Impoverished Management” group. Let me say it is not an approach I am considering to apply as a leader the day I move up in the rank structure. One of my former captain game me an advise one day,…

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  • The My Lai Massacre During The Vietnam War

    During the Vietnam War, about 14 years after the war started, a platoon of 140 men from Charlie Company of the United States Army went into a small village called My Lai and slaughtered 504 Vietnamese men, women, and children in a village that consisted of 700 inhabitants. The My Lai Massacre was a tragic event that altered the lives of not only the men involved, but also the American public as the truth about that day finally came to surface. My Lai, also known as Pinkville, is located in the…

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  • Summary Of The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    short stories that he attributed to the members of his platoon. This style of writing shows that sometimes a person 's subjective thoughts and feelings about an event, which O 'Brien calls story-truth, is more meaningful than an objective factual account of the events, which O 'Brien calls happening-truth. O 'Brien blurs the line between fact and fiction right from the start when O 'Brien dedicates the novel to the individual soldiers in his platoon, which the…

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