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  • Creative Writing: What Do I Think, Goo Man

    “What do you think, Goo Man?” The Drill Instructor turns and barks to the platoon, “Did they make some kind of fucking mistake in MEP’s? Are you supposed to be polluting my beloved…

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  • Cpt Herbert Sobel Character Analysis

    CPT Herbert W. Sobel in the film had no empathy toward his soldiers. He denied his men access to off post passes multiply time. I view his leadership skills as a poor example of direct leadership. Sobel represents an awful stereotype of officers in the US military presented way too often in books. Sobel got lost, alienated his men, and then lost his command. He had no morals as a leader and the way that he led his men was not inspiring them to follow. Cpt. Sobel failed to realize that…

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  • My High School Experiences Essay

    direction, and motivation. The most challenging part of the program is the PT session to lead the platoon to exercise. I was really nervous in the first PT session and made a lot mistake by calling the wrong command, but my army instructor Master Sergeant Baida didn’t yell at me and patiently taught me. He said, “ is not how much you can do with the platoon, but how to try your best to lead your platoon and not afraid your subordinate to make fun of you. He understands it is challenging for a…

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  • Analysis: The Bertuli Story

    He still had his guns which was important for him. Leonard was shipped out of basic in October and was sent into battle right away. He was a Infantry Sergeant, but was later was moved to Platoon Leader, when his platoon leader died. Leonard only had one change of clothes with him, he was out there for a year and had one shower and one change of clothes. The conditions he lived in were not the best, he had canned food, only getting, if lucky one hot meal…

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  • Military Intelligence Failure Essay

    Introduction Army Intelligence also known as the Military Intelligence Corps, is a discipline in which exploits a number of information gathering and analysis tactics to provide direction and purpose to commanders in support of their conclusions. Army Intelligence was founded in 1775, but it wasn’t until 1885 in which the Army established the Military Intelligence Division (MID). Army Intelligence has been a valuable asset to what is acknowledged as the Intelligence Community (IC). Although…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In James Rest's The Potter Box

    of the Army. I transferred into my current Special Operations unit in the middle of 2013 and was faced with a familiar ethical issue that I have handled many times before. However in this instance, the decision did not reside with me, but with my Platoon Sergeant. A young soldier was at the unit for approximately for months prior to me arriving at the unit. In this time, the soldier displayed several signs of…

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  • The Things They Carried Theme Essay

    In “The Things They Carried,” Tim O’Brien shares numerous war stories to illustrate the life of a soldier in the Vietnam War. Throughout the book, the narrator, Tim O’Brien, shares stories about the soldiers in his platoon during the war. He shares what each soldier carried and its significance. He also discusses the effects of the war on the soldiers’ life, including his own, by using themes. O’Brien utilizes several themes in his stories, such as love and guilt. O’Brien employed these themes…

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  • The Things They Carried America Angelou Analysis

    The Things they carried O’Brien’s story depicts a platoon of soldiers during the Vietnam War. The soldiers carry equipment, rations, weapons and personal items with them. Some of those items are a necessity such as the P-38 can openers, heat tabs, dog tags, ammunition, C-rations, guns and cigarettes. These are physical objects with a real measurable weight. O’Brien narrates the events and paints a picture of the burdens we do not see. Those invisible burdens the characters carry, are the…

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  • A Brief Encounter With The Enemy Analysis

    interest in him right before deploying. She gives him her email to keep her up to date on his adventures during deployment. Although, adventure is the total opposite of what Luke would experience during deployment. Luke and the platoon built a bridge to the hill; the platoon takes their time to build the bridge for fear of who or what is on the other side of the hill, (enemies).…

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  • Gender Integration In The Military

    Equal opportunity may not result in equal outcome In light of Secretary of Defense Aston Carter’s recent announcement that all combat military occupational specialties will open to women, I feel compelled to speak on this controversial subject. In this paper I will talk about both sides of the argument including factors of the effects of gender integration in combat units and provide reasons that justify predictions that people have made. This certain topic affects me because I have a brother…

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