Army Officer Reflective Essay

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When I first wanted to join AROTC I thought it was just about being an Army soldier while in school. I actually didn’t know what to expect or what I was getting myself into I was a clean sleight. I had no idea that AROTC was dealing with being an officer and all the roles officers played. Once enrolling I started thinking the words “Army Officer” meant nothing but paper and desk work. Later to find out that the words “Army Officer” has a much deeper passionate meaning than I thought. Over the years of training and talking to different Generals, Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and Sergeants about becoming a Second Lieutenant, they all had the same thing in common with advice on becoming a Lieutenant. That advice was to take time and get to know …show more content…
As a leader you have to be able to turn that leader switch on and off. Everyone wants to be a leader and voice their opinions but no one wants to step back and be the little average Joe. What I’ve learned by that is to take that step back and observe how the planning is being done. There was certain technique that was used by other cadets that I found helpful and I could use myself. While at the same time not to be hesitant to voice my own opinion and plan because my plan just might be what the mission needed in order to be completed successfully. My biggest strength while being at CLC was the amount of trust I put into my platoon and squad when in leadership. It takes time for me to be able to trust someone but I stepped out of my comfort zone and trusted everyone to do their part. Everyone was there for the same reason, which was to better our skills so I expected nothing but the best from each and every one. The two biggest weaknesses for me before getting to Fort Knox was confidence and micromanagement. In my eyes I can say I have conquered those two weaknesses thanks to our old SMI MSG Schneider for breaking me out of the mold before leaving to go to camp. The most important part of everything thing in the army that I have learned is to always listen to your NCO’s. Last but not least always have as many rehearsals as you need on what you have planned. The more we rehearsed the day before the mission had a

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