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  • Analysis Of Oliver Stone's Platoon

    Finally, Platoon serves as a nightmarish vehicle into the brutal experience of the Vietnam Hell. Historical Context and Platoon As American involvement in Vietnam dragged on through the late 1960’s and the body count spiraled upward, morale sagged in many sectors of the U.S. military. Many units suffered from internal tensions, the crippling and terrifying environment, drug use, unwillingness to fight, and the sense that the war was for nothing. Also, there was no doubt that battlefield…

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  • The Wounded Platoon Character Analysis

    Michael Connelly, The Black Echo. Many people go through a transformation once they experience a life-changing event. These transformations are shown by soldiers who are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in the movie, The Wounded Platoon, with David Nash dehumanizing hajis and doing drugs, which correlates with Mary Anne’s substantial change of behavior. War transforms regular functioning humans into soldiers who are mentally stuck in the warzone. O’Brien uses Mary Anne’s…

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  • Lieutenant Mcdonough In Platoon Leaders

    platoon’s perspective about their leaders through his actions and decisions. When Lieutenant McDonough got and met his soldiers from 2nd Platoon, the internal environment of the platoon was not very structured and it lacked motivation to accomplish the mission successfully (McDonough, 2003). . Lieutenant McDonough being new in taking charge and assigned as a platoon leader demonstrated effective leadership skills while taking charge of an organization even after being injured and having the…

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  • Analysis Of Black Hearts By Jim Frederick

    In post 9/11 America, it is not very common to see a book that doesn 't portray the men and women of the United States Military in a positive light. Most Americans regard all soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines as heroes who have a strong moral compass and always try to do the right thing. However the reality can be quite different. The reality of war is that it is dirty, ugly, and rarely, if ever, a glorious affair. All armies throughout history have had their share of incidents that they…

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  • Analysis Of Platoon: A Vietnam War Film

    narration (157). The last type can be found in a war film Platoon directed by Oliver Stone. By definition, classical narration consists of a protagonist, whose actions can be seen as they unfold in space and time, and his response to impending conflicts that stand in the way of achieving his goal. (157) This is exactly what is shown in Platoon, the story follows the actions of Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) from his arrival to Vietnam through…

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  • Platoon By Tim O Brien: An Analysis

    some are necessity to stay alive and some were personal. Similar in the movie “Platoon” was also on the Vietnam War. One of the character Chris Taylor decided to drop out of college to volunteer in the Amy. He was send to Vietnam where, he sever under two men who lead the soldier. Sergeant Barnes, who was impatient and have a bad tempered. Sergeant Elias on the other hand he’s the opposite patient and cooperative. Platoon show the action for the soldier during a village search rape and illegal…

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  • Case Study Of A TA Platoon Section Sergeant

    1. I am concerned about the inefficient and derelict performance of your duties as a TA Platoon Section Sergeant. Specifically I am concerned about the following:  SGT Crawford, on 6 April 2016 you failed to pass the APFT administered by HHB 2-3 FA BN. Your failure to meet minimum Army standards is an overall indication of your less than acceptable fitness level/standards. Your ability to pass the APFT is of great concern to me for many reasons. First, presents an unprofessional appearance…

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  • Analysis Of 35P Military Occupational Specialty

    Soldiers in the 35P Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) face many challenges as the progress through their language school and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). They spend six to 18 months focusing all their attention on learning a second language at an accelerated pace and when they have accomplished that daunting task they are sent to Goodfellow Air Force Base to learn the technical aspect of their MOS, usually another three or four months of training. By the time a 35P Soldier arrives at…

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  • Platoon Of American Soldiers In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    disorder known as PTSD may form, leaving people in distress, isolation, and in numerous other states. It’s a tough mountain to climb, and many people have difficulties dealing with it. In the book, The Things They Carried—a novel by Tim O’Brien, about a platoon of American soldiers in the Vietnam War—several of the main characters undergo similar situations in the war and have to deal with PTSD themselves. No one wins in war, no one comes out the same; throughout war, people undergo…

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  • Sfc Roberts Essay

    SFC Roberts was a Platoon Sergeant for Headquarters and Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion 7th Infantry Mortar Platoon. SFC Roberts provided a great example of the Be, Know, and Do philosophy. I chose SFC Roberts due to the following traits that I would hope to emulate in my career. SFC Roberts was not a micro manager. As the platoon Sergeant he Develop his subordinate leaders by coaching them and mentoring them. He provided the guidance that junior leaders in developing them into senior NCO.…

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