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  • Personal Narrative: A Short Story: Waiting For Me?

    "Wait for me?" "No." "Come on give me like 2 more minutes," I pleaded, running around my house like a crazy woman. "Fine," Regina said, rolling her eyes and plopping down on my couch. Ok I just needed to find the perfect shoes to go with my dress... I went to my room and looked under my bed for my plain black flats. Since I was going to a party, I was trying to avoid my feet hurting from heels. "Got it!" I yelled from my room and walked to the living room where Regina was now standing.…

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  • Andy Warhol: Andy Warhol, Fame And Materialism

    grew up in a time of economic scarcity and political upheaval to a tendency “to give top priority to economic and physical security” (215). Perhaps it was why the world was so ready to embrace this movement of Pop Art that emerged in the mid-1950s, just as World War II ended in 1945 (“Pop Art Movement”). It’s important to consider this period of the Great Depression that troubled most of the country economically, then transitioning into a time of war that stressed the importance of recycling and…

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  • Hallyu Phenomenon Essay

    definition is traveling in Korea and participating in tour activities to experiences Korean culture and related activities to Hallyu tour activities. It can be said that Hallyu tourism started in 1990 with TV dram series gaining popularity and Japanese tourist visiting the film location. This impact can be considered not only in term of tourist that Korean can have actually but also this expansion of culture. Meaning that the number of people who want to learn Korean Language increased by 4…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Dry Sandra Pollock

    Where would you like me to start Brittany Sandra Pollock? Yes, I am going to use your full name in this. You may ask why? I have always loved something about a full name and it 's a little hard to explain. I guess I will start with me leaving Omaha for California this summer. But I will really go back even further after I explain something. When you and I were driving to the airport that day, I could tell that you were ready to explode in tears, but honestly, I was on the verge too and I don…

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  • Pop Music Vs Modern Music Analysis

    I am Vietnamese who was born in the last years of the 20th century. Then, then 2000s was the era which the culture of pop music was automatically instilled in each person the day they started to listen to music. The modern pop music is one of the fastest growing genres in the music industries. And undoubtedly, pop quickly spreads its affections to the Vietnamese audience. Just the same as other people at my age, I used to despite older music, considered them out of fashion and boring. However,…

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  • Theme Of Death In Andy Warhol

    Many artists use a theme in their work as a way of sharing what they have to say. Whether the artist is making a statement about Religion, life and death, or simply about American pop culture, art has the ability to wake people up, lull them into a sense of peace, or inspire them to make a change. One thing you will notice about many famous artists: they have something to say. One of these artists is Andy Warhol, who uses the theme of death in his. Pieces like Electric Chair, Skull, and Self…

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  • Paige's Formal Operations Stage Of Cognitive Development

    The effect you’ve had on my cognitive growth has been a lot both for the good, and the bad. You taught me everything, you both did. Everyone thought I was going to fall behind, but we showed them and I was doing more than most babies my age except for the walking part. You guys made me so smart I almost failed out of kindergarten. I never had to study in high school either so I had to accommodate my schema for learning new things in college, which I assimilate with my college courses now, and…

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  • Interpersonal Process: SMART Detection As A Nurse

    Interpersonal Process Recording While working as a nurse you must make goals for your patient and you must aid in them attaining that goal. As a nurse we use SMART format to create a goal for the patient; SMART stands for Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. In my interpersonal process recording consists of me and my patient discussing why she does not allow many to help her and why she refuses to have any treatments done to her bed sores. My SMART goal for her is by…

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  • Coup D Oeil: Pop Art Analysis

    The painting Coup d’Oeil, a French phrase meaning “Speed of Light,” was created by James Rosenquist. Rosenquist is a pop artist, creating many large, bright, and extravagant pieces. He is seen as a protagonist in the pop-art movement, alongside Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Similar to Warhol and Lichtenstein, Rosenquist uses bright colors in his pop art to create bold statements throughout all of his works. Coup d’Oeil was painted by Rosenquist using oils in 2001. The beauty of a…

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  • Analysis Of Frank Stella's Flin Flon VIII

    The painting I chose was Frank Stella’s “Flin Flon VIII”. It is an acrylic piece on canvas characterized by a mixture of curving and straight lines that interlock, vibrant colors, and an emphasis on the circle in the middle of the canvas. A huge quantity of negative space is present in the painting and the painting emits a smooth texture. The painting is one hundred and eight inches squared, making it one of the largest paintings in the San Diego Art Museum. Its size projects itself on the…

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