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  • Takashi Murakami Influences

    As the only visual artist who made Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People list in 2008, Takashi Murakami is one of the most conspicuous and popular Japanese artists working today. He has long been a superstar in the global art world since his emergence in the early 1990s, and is often touted as “the Warhol of Japan.” He has built up a rich body of work, ranging from paintings and sculptures to huge inflatable balloons and factory-produced merchandise. His bright-colored, anime inspired…

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  • Shinto Shrine In Japanese Culture

    Shinto Shrine, the Witness of Japanese Religion, Culture and Art Japan is very famous for both its traditional culture and its modern culture. Talking about traditional Japanese culture, shrine is one of the things that people would think of the most; and talking about modern Japanese culture, people would usually think about anime, games, etc. but even in these modern culture, there is still a high rate that shrine would exist. When people walk in Japan, they could find a lot of shrines. The…

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  • Japanese American Culture

    Geishas, Anime, Manga, J-Pop, what do they all have in common? Japanese culture. Japanese culture combines influences from Asia, Europe, and North America. In my opinion, Japanese culture is more unique than the others. They have similar interest as the United States. Geisha’s, sports, Anime, and music are the defining elements when one thinks about Japanese culture. A geisha is a traditional Japanese entertainer. The appearance of a geisha is a white base with red lipstick and red and…

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  • Anime And Gangsta Rap Analysis

    Many would oppose to the idea that Anime and Gangsta Rap are the same. The opposition’s stance can come from various viewpoints. It can be argued that Anime and Gangsta rap are not only different but nowhere close to being the same. Many arguments can branch out from this common thought. For example, it can be said that one is music and the other is visual entertainment. Or even it could be argued that none of the characters in Anime are closely related to realism like Gangsta Rap is; and though…

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  • Modern Day Language

    and language evolve with the emergence of subcultural identities, new terminology, and inventive ways of utilizing the language. Making it easier for societies to adapt to the new ways of using their language. As subcultures become directed towards Japanese youth, the language will continue to change it’s representation in society through a cultural shift and usage of honorific, neologisms, emoticons, and coded words. While polite and honorific language hasn’t changed that much as time passed,…

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  • Analysis Of Modernist Painting By Wayne Thiebaud And James Rosenquist

    Rosenquist pursues a shared philosophy of self-criticism held in Thiebaud and other modernist painter’s works, but displays this concept in a way contrary to previous artists. The work itself is a triptych of common objects in modern culture at the time displayed vertically. Each portion depicts a cropped view of said objects creating three segments of abstraction. “Rippling, shiny pink fabric” makes up the bottom portion, the middle “an image of hood and part of the windshield of a blue…

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  • Chief Dodds: A Fictional Narrative

    There was a special bond the three of them shared and when Mike was shot, it shook Rafael and Sonny to the core. Especially Sonny. He was not only a lover but a fellow squad member and police officer. Everything was touch and go during the night. At first, the doctors were unsure if Mike would make it or not until the surgery was over with. After the surgery, Mike remained unconscious but stable. There was no way Sonny could sleep. And whenever he did he envisioned Mike dying and him attending…

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  • Monkey And Horse-Personal Narrative

    Setting/Details/Notes: This came about due to forced writing. I had little inspiration, but here 's the update! ^^ This is [duh!] and AU, but I thought it would be fun. Plus, it all came together simply thinking about Peeta 's and this chapter 's reader 's personality. Hope you like it! To be edited later. Reader Insert Notes: Monkey and Horse archetype mix. "Wow," he breathed. "Wow," you affirmed. Your manager shot you a questioning look, which you replied with a wide smile. "And so our…

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  • Andy Warhol Stars Of The Silver Screen Analysis

    generation today, Warhol was obsessed with the idea of 24/7 recording. “I think he really anticipated our surveillance society with its reality TV and social media culture,” says Jon Davies, curator of TIFF’s flagship exhibition Andy Warhol: Stars of the Silver Screen. Different than Andy Warhol Revisited’s exhibit of his well-known pop art collection, Stars of the Silver Screen invites exhibition goers to walk through the muses and memorabilia that fuelled Warhol’s fascination with…

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  • Ariel Monologue

    Ariel 's P.O.V. I 've been here a week and still "he" hasn 't come looking for me, maybe "he" figured out why I 'm running, now all that 's left is to get that damn song out of my head... I started to have flashbacks of the love that we had with our song playing... I remember that day when our eyes first met you ran into the building to get out of the rain cause you were soakin ' wet as you held the door you wanted to know my name timing is everything you can call it faith or…

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