Japanese rhinoceros beetle

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  • As The Giant Rhinoceros Beetle

    By avoiding fights that they are unlikely to win, the Giant Rhinoceros Beetles can both save energy and prevent injury. There is evidence that fight escalation is most likely to occur between two equally sized males, with smaller males simply retreating after sensing they are outmatched(paper). With smaller beetles retreating shortly after contact, some stimuli is received that allows them to assess their opponents. How Giant Rhinoceros Beetle assess their opponents is currently unknown, but visual stimuli has been ruled out due to the fights occurring most often at night. With the most likely source of sensory information not assisting in recognition at night, an alternative way to obtain might be through the use of the horn itself. The authors hypothesized that the “density of sensory hairs (and sensitivity) would correspond with the regions of the horns that are used most in both precombat assessment and actual combat” and “that hair density would increase distally along the length of the horn, and to be more abundant on the anterior of the horn” (paper). Basically, the authors are stating that the parts of the horn that are in contact with the opponent the most will have more sensory hairs on them allowing them to assess their opponents. Possessing such large insect weaponry without further…

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  • The Beauty Of Complete Metamorphosis Analysis

    every night to give to his mom. He liked to observe all the different bugs and creatures he could find and hold them and watch them move around. His favorite insect to visit was a bright green caterpillar near a small bush full of sharp and pointy leaves. He managed to find it two days in a row and hold it for a few minutes while watching it move around before he would return it to its home. One day he saw a preying mantis sitting on a leaf and observed it for twenty minutes. He called it the…

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  • Zoology Lady Bugs

    Rickie Williams Zoology Ms. Julie Lady Bugs (Coccinellidae) Research paper Introduction Lady bugs are a part of the Coleoptera order. According to University of Arkansas, United States department of Agriculture and County Governments Cooperating Coleoptera is identified by two pairs of wings; front pair hard and shell-like, and hind pair is membrane like. Their mouth part is chewing and their metamorphosis is complete. According to Turkish Journal of Zoology Lady bugs are predator insects. They…

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  • Rhino Poaching Research Paper

    Rhinoceroses are mammals that have sub-species occurring in Africa, South America and parts of Asia. These mammals have a nasal horn which consists of a protein called keratin. Rhinos are poached for their horn. In many Asian cultures rhino horn is believed to have magical properties. This has led to the increase in rhino poaching. Rhino poaching is the act of illegally harvesting rhino horn for sale on the black market. Rhinos are killed by poachers as it is easier to harvest the horn from a…

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  • Poaching In Zoos

    Poaching is a worldwide catastrophe that not only affects the animals that are being poached but also the environment and the people around them. Poaching is the illegal act of over-exploitation of animals and the illegal trading and selling of them whether it be for killing them for certain parts or just the whole body in general. Africa is a continent in which its animals and people that have been strongly affected by poaching and it is now starting to change African economy and the…

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  • Short Story: An Old Man's Search For Meaning

    before he gets too far away he returns to put a locator in the child’s teeth for future use and then escapes. This young boy finally wakes up to see a dead carcass of what used to be his mother and is totally distraught. Five years later, the implanted locator is triggered because the young son is now of age to be hunted. History is now repeating itself and the son will suffer the same fate as his mother. This brutal activity is actually happening in our world today but with animals like the…

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  • Stop Poaching In Africa

    Many of Africa’s most iconic animals are disappearing and could be gone within the next 50 years, but there are ways to stop it. Animals are hunted for valuable goods such as their fur, tusks, or horns. There is also a demand for live baby animals, such as gorillas. These babies can sell for up to 40, 000 dollars a gorilla. If the babies are taken away, the species can not repopulate when the adults die.The removal of their youth leaves gorillas critically endangered and possibly gone by 2020.…

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  • Wildlife Crime Essay

    Since 2006, the tally on Africa’s rhino war stands at more than 1,000 poached rhinos, 22 poachers killed, and more than 200 poachers arrested (Sohrabian 2013:16). In an effort to alleviate the pressure on the species, some have proposed to legalize trade in rhinoceros horn. It is the belief of such advocates that “rangers and conservationists could win the war if rhino horns were farmed on a large scale” (Sohrabian 2013:16). Unlike elephants who die when their tusks are removed, rhinos can…

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  • Rhinoceros And Existentialism Essay

    Rhinoceros, written 1958, and published 1959 is one of Ionesco’s most popularized plays. It opens on a usual Sunday in a town, where abruptly a rhinoceros is sighted twice by the townspeople. Initially some wonderment is expressed about the strangeness of this happening, but eventually a great deal of discussion is devoted to whether the two sightings were of the same rhino or of two different ones, and whether the rhino(s) belonged to the African or Asian species. Soon it becomes evident that…

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  • Drought In Canada Essay

    oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. If the trees are killed by the fires, it can lead to a rise in carbon emission, since there are no trees around and burning trees can also cause the release of carbon dioxide. The more greenhouse gases the trees release will in turn to create stronger effects for the global warming. Second of all, the insect outbreak is also affected by global warming. The survival of insects and diseases is largely depend on climate. Due to the warmer and wetter conditions by…

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