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  • Zoology Lady Bugs

    Coleoptera is identified by two pairs of wings; front pair hard and shell-like, and hind pair is membrane like. Their mouth part is chewing and their metamorphosis is complete. According to Turkish Journal of Zoology Lady bugs are predator insects. They prey on pest-like insects such as aphids, scale bugs, jassids, psyllids, white flies and mealy bugs. Lady bugs/beetles are important agriculture because they eat insects that eat crops. Aphids eat the leaves of vegetable plants and scale bugs can be…

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  • Research Paper On Monoctonia

    The range of hosts of M. pistaciaecola includes gall-forming Fordini aphids on Pistacia, whereas the host ranges of M. vesicarii and M. japonica sp. n. encompass gall-forming Pemphigus aphids on Populus. Some temporary confusion was due to erroneous interpretation by Starý (1970, 1979) and others who attributed the diapause cocoons of Pemphigus to M. pistaciaecola, whereas the later description and separation of M. vesicarii (Tremblay 1991) clarified the situation and helped to elucidate the…

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  • Coevolution: On The Origin Of Species

    possess a certain number of features that increase fitness until the price of these adaptations effectively equal the benefit (Futuyma). Another example of guild coevolution is found in the mutualistic interaction between aphids, and endosymbiotic bacterium. The bacteria species Bucnera aphidicola has a mutualistic relationship with most of the ~4,400 species of aphids (Fukatsu et al). Bucnera aphidicola, and aphids have been coevolving for an estimated 150 million years, and their close…

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  • Pest Of Brinjal Essay

    Aphids • This pest are tiny and attack the plants any time during the growing season. These aphids tends to group at the young foliage, flower buds and shoot tips. The liquid excrete by the aphids causes the growth of fungal. If there is any flying insects around the chili plants, then the aphids have laid eggs somewhere the plants. The leaves of the affected plants are normally twisted and results in deformed growth of the chili plants. Control methods • Natural control of these pests can…

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  • Effects Of Air Pollution Essay

    organ. Lastly, acid rain causes by the air pollution will destroy the leaves of plant. When acid rain infiltrates into soil, it change the chemistry of the soil making it unfit for many living things that rely on soil as a habit or for nutrition. Acid rain also changes the chemistry of the lakes and streams that the rainwater flows into, harming fish and aquatic life. Sulphur dioxide may also affect higher plant, including wild species, crops and trees, reduced growth and reproduction. Other…

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  • Are Honey Bees Dying

    Millions of bees are dying off, an average of 30% of all honey bee colonies dies each winter. We rely on bees to pollinate 90% of the world's food and to increase the yield by up to 30%. Many fruits and vegetables would become scarce and prohibitively expensive without the bees. If bees became extinct most of our food will no longer exist and if it did, it wouldn't be very affordable. Scientists have pointed out several causes behind this problem, including global warming, habitat loss,…

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  • The Entomophagy In The Grocery Industry

    Some people will reject the idea of eating bugs immediately. They have a predetermined mindset that bugs are dirty and gross. What they do not know though, is that they have been eating bugs all of their lives. In the United States of America the Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA, runs the show when it comes to protecting the health of its citizens. One of the many topics that they govern over is the safety of food consumed. This is important because the FDA is forgiving when…

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  • Whitefly Bemisia Tabaci Research Paper

    plant species. The diversity of crops grown year-round in the Southwest creates an ideal environment for B. tabaci to flourish, often resulting in damaging infestation of melons, cotton, and broccoli. B. tabaci also transmits plant viruses such as Cucurbit Yellows Stunting Disorder Virus, or CYSDV, greatly exacerbating its pest potential. As with most, if not all insects, B. tabaci is a host to bacterial endosymbionts that potentially influence the biology and interactions of B. tabaci with…

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  • Importance Of Control Of The Cacao Tree

    short as 10cm. The shape ranges from oval to a somewhat cylindrical form. Young pods are normally red or green in color. Green pods first turn yellow and then orange-yellow but red pods merely darken in color when they ripen. The surface of the pod may be smooth or crimped. The pod ripens 5 or 6 months after its fertilization. Cacao plant is a crop that highly suffers from severe attack by insects and yet at the same time depends on insects for the production of a crop. Harmful insects comprise…

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  • Aldi Bans Whole Food Case Study

    Aldi Bans All Pesticides, Goes Organic, Rivals Whole Foods As Healthiest Grocery Store In The U.S. Aldi, the German grocery made a surprise announcement. They will draw soon eight of their products that contain pesticides from all stores throughout the United States! • Chlorpyrifos • Thiamethoxam • Cypermethrin • Deltamethrin • Clothianidin • Imidacloprid • Sulfoxaflor • Fipronil Aldi is the first major store of Europe which prohibits pesticides harmful to bees, but it looks like Aldi’s step…

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